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Woke German Nation Continues Non-Stop Nationwide Protests as Authorities Go Full Nazi on Citizens

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German Health Minister Demands More Restrictions, Faster Progress on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines Before They “Become Obsolete”

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach seeks to enforce a further tightening of the contact restrictions in addition to faster progress on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination at the next conference of the state prime ministers with the federal government.

Lauterbach has long been striving for the rapid introduction of mandatory vaccination. As a member of the Bundestag, he was working on a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all adults.

“The vaccination must come quickly,” Lauterbach demanded. “We cannot wait for compulsory vaccination to become obsolete because we have a very high level of infection among the population. Omicron as a dirty vaccination is not an alternative to compulsory vaccination,” he emphasized.

Wheelchair man arrested over breaking unscientific covid laws during the protest

Jan 4, 2022

An older woman in Germany is a threat to society because she breaks unscientific COVID law

Jan 4, 2022

Berlin Police beat a person, reportedly a woman, following the arrest at a protest against Covid_19 restrictions in Berlin. A curtain is pulled forward to prevent further images.

Jan 4, 2022 Camera 1
Jan 4, 2022 Camera 2

Berlin, Germany. Woman gets punched in the back of the head by gestapo.

Jan 4, 2022
Jan 7, 2022 Berlin
Jan 9 Little girl takes down Stasi in Germany

Germany, Police arrest a blind man over the alleged violation of covid law

Jan 4, 2022
Munich vs. Mandate: Mass protests erupt in Germany
Huge crowds have once again gathered in Bavaria to demonstrate.
The protests follow Tuesday’s protest, which drew crowds of around 35,000 people nationwide. (Independent)
In one video online, a father is seen being detained and taken away from his crying son.

Locations, Dates and Times of Scheduled protests that are going to take place


Some of Today’s ( Jan 5) protests across Germany

Danke an Steffen für die Einsendung!
(Wir haben noch Ort und Datum dazu gefügt)

Fürth am 05.01.2022 mit ca. . 1.000 – 1.500 Teilnehmern
Auerbach 05.01.22
Homburg (Saar)
MÜNCHEN, 05.01.2022
Heidelberg, 05.01.2021 Solidarität mit den Pflegekräften, gegen die Impfpflicht
Wolgast, ca 5000 Leute, 05.01.22
05.01.2022 Wolgast
Bisher ca. 4.200 Teilnehmer
Nittenau 5.1.2022
München Marienplatz Stand 18:40 Uhr
05.01.2022 Brüel – 50 bis 60 Teilnehmer
München, 5.1. Ansage Polizei, Marienplatz, 19:45
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