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Why Vaccinating Pregnant Women Can Be Dangerous to the Foetus

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The National Health Service (“NHS”) advises pregnant women to avoid certain foods during pregnancy such as unpasteurised cows’ milk, liver or alcohol, to name a few. And any reasonably sane medical doctor should have forbidden these injections to pregnant women, specifically. But alarmingly, the NHS advises pregnant women they can be injected with 13 to 50 billion lipid nanoparticles – repeatedly.

Marc Girardot has been researching and documenting his theory on transfecting-vaccine toxicity. There is more to it than we are stating here but in a few brief sentences, his findings are as follows:

The vast majority of vaccine nanoparticles end up in the circulatory system. Thus, the vast majority of cells penetrated by vaccine elements will be endothelial cells covering the lining of our blood vessels. The immune system will inevitably destroy all the transfected cells, targeting the spike protein or bits of mRNA expressed outside these hacked cells.

In short, vaccine particles penetrate healthy cells which leads to transfection of the cells, which can then lead to destruction by the immune system. Or, vaccine endothelial transfection can lead to vaccine-induced endothelial damage.

Several blood-to-tissue barriers play a critical role in our bodies filtering out toxic elements, selecting specific enabling nutrients at precise times and also limiting immune cells that can be deleterious in various locations, notably in the reproductive system.

The reproductive systems of both women and men are protected by endothelial blood-tissue barriers.  In women these are:

  • The blood-follicle barrier (“BFB”) protects developing follicles in the ovary: it is thus fundamental to woman fertility.
  • The blood-placenta barrier (“BPB”) feeds and protects the growing foetus; it needs to adapt as the placenta expands simultaneously with the foetus.
  • The blood-milk barrier (“BMB”) protects the baby’s good health by controlling the quality of the milk supplied.

If the blood-to-tissue barrier is broken, trespassing immune cells will end up where they shouldn’t be and will inevitably do their job, triggering the destruction of reproductive cells.

Many doctors, health authorities and mainstream media have aggressively pushed for vaccinating pregnant women this past year. Frankly, when one considers the sensitive nature of pregnancy, the odds of Covid and the life-defining stakes, this is the sign of a truly dystopian society. Where has the Precautionary Principle gone?!

Considering that the placenta acts both as a hospitable feeding cocoon to the baby-to-be-born as well as adaptive protection, it is quite obvious that a pregnant woman should never be vaccinated given the possible nefarious consequences of vaccine endothelial transfection.

During the whole pregnancy, the placenta expands with the foetus, a nourishing infrastructure of blood vessels progressively growing and adapting to accompany the baby’s own accelerated growth. We know for a fact that these vaccines can disrupt not only the protection of the Blood-Placenta Barrier but also the blood flow through clotting of the placental vasculature!

Any interruption or impediment to the normal development of the placenta will have serious repercussions on the baby. This is like waging war on the foetus by restricting his food supply and by risking destroying his cosy home … Sadly, we are witnessing many sinister signs that confirm the reality of this risk:

  • I recall a recent exchange on Substack with a grandmother who told me her daughter had been vaccinated when she was pregnant and the baby was born underdeveloped. Apparently, the blood vessels were restricted and hadn’t nourished sufficiently the baby … this is very much in line with inner blood vessel lining damage. And this can only have severe life-long consequences.
  • Multiple articles throughout the world are starting to emerge highlighting high levels of miscarriages and neonatal deaths with vaccinated pregnant women.  For example, THIS article from Scotland.
  • Some obstetricians and midwives are coming out:

“I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in foetuses, in children, offspring, foetal death, miscarriage, death of the foetus inside the mom.”

Dr. James Thorp, MD board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • My dear friend Dr Jessica Rose was kind enough to prepare for us the pharmaco-vigilance data in VAERS and found 1,615 spontaneous abortions to this date in the US. The under-reporting factor is likely to be very high, but at 41 that’s more than 66,000 spontaneous abortions in less than a year.
Credit: Dr.Jessica Rose

Beyond the sheer fact that a healthy young woman doesn’t suffer from severe Covid, and therefore vaccination is absolutely not justified, it is quite evident that risking vaccine-induced endothelial damage during pregnancy is absolute lunacy.

As a pregnant woman, you can’t eat blue cheese, but you can get injected with 13 to 50 billion lipid nanoparticles – repeatedly – intended to hack healthy cells, and produce innumerable toxic spike proteins while your body is undergoing the most incredible and sensitive biological transformation: pregnancy…

NHS: Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

We tend to forget that pregnancy is a major undertaking, a Herculean effort. We forget that, just a few decades ago, mothers-to-be would regularly die in labour. Adding the danger of these vaccines seems diabolically unfair, and quite honestly is heartbreaking. Have we become barbarians?

Any reasonably sane medical doctor should have forbidden these injections to pregnant women specifically. Doctors, health authorities and mainstream media all hold an unforgettable responsibility in the unwarranted death of tens of thousands of babies promised to a life of joy and happiness with their parents and siblings.

Having witnessed in utter awe and bliss the birth of four wonderful children, I find losing a child one of life’s most dire injustices. I find depriving a woman or a man of the capacity to share their love and to incarnate it into a living little being atrociously unfair.

Where have we come as a civilisation that we kill our babies? That we render our young infertile? What have we become?

About the author

Marc Girardot lives in France and a critical thinker, a seasoned strategy consultant trained in the scientific method, a member of PANDA (Pandemics Data & Analytics) and citizen scientist author of multiple breakthrough articles on Covid.

The above is an extract from his recent article ‘Can Vaccines be Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Babies and Human Reproduction? – A Credible Mechanism of Action’, in which he outlines in detail why vaccinating a pregnant woman is wrong and is potentially dangerous. You can read the full article HERE.

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