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WEF | Known Traveler Digital Identity

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‘The KTDI partners have designed and built the first government-led, public-private ecosystem. This vision aimed to reduce touchpoints by using emerging technologies, including biometrics and decentralized identity, and inform the future development of a globally accepted decentralized identity ecosystem.’

This of course, ties in with the biometric ID2020 project run by the “Digital Identity Alliance”, which was founded by Bill Gates via Microsoft and GAVI and the Rockefeller Foundation.

The KTDI concept was initially conceptualized by a multi-stakeholder Working Group launched in 2015 which included governments, industry, and international organizations; including, United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate, US Department of Commerce, & US Department of Homeland Security.

In 2018, The Governments of Canada and The Netherlands committed to piloting the KTDI concept.


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