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We now know why the CDC hasn’t found any safety signals in the VAERS system – Steve Kirsch

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They weren’t looking! NOBODY should trust the CDC until the leadership is replaced with people who care about protecting the PUBLIC, not the drug companies.

By Steve Kirsch

In my Elephant presentation, I poke fun at the CDC with this slide:

I go on to tell people that if they can spot the unsafe vaccine on the chart, they should forget about applying for a job at the CDC because they only hire people who say, “Hmmm… all those bars look the same height to me. Is this a trick question?”

Well, I had assumed that the CDC was actually monitoring the comparative data and simply not seeing a signal. Well, it turns out I was wrong about that. It’s even worse than I thought.

We finally learned why the CDC hasn’t found any safety signals in VAERS: they simply forgot to look for them.

Note that I noted this in my earlier articles just hours after Josh Guetzkow published his stunning article two days ago on Jun 16, but this is such a big deal that I wanted to call it out in special dedicated article with a bit more detail.

Take a look at the reports the CDC produced to give to management (included at the bottom of Josh’s article) and you’ll see how lame these reports are.

Here’s what they look like:

WTF is this?!?! Their report was just “Hey, here’s the breakdown of 18 symptoms by age. We aren’t going to tell you about the 5,062 other symptoms that these vaccines cause. We just ignore those. And we won’t give you a clue as to how this compares with other vaccines or normal background rates. Have a nice day.”

Can you see the safety problems in their report? Of course not. To spot a safety signal, you need to compare with what is normal. They don’t provide that. Wow. It’s simply stunning to see how things work on the inside, isn’t it?

We never got to see this before. It’s not like we didn’t ask. They didn’t want to tell us. Now we know why.

So now you know why the CDC thought the vaccines were safe. Nobody was looking.

If this does not destroy the confidence of your blue-pilled friends in the CDC’s assurances of safety, nothing will

VAERS is the official repository for adverse event reports post-vaccination. To ignore this primary source with a risk report this lame is a huge violation of public trust.

Until the leadership of the CDC admits their mistake and replaces themselves with people who believe their job is to protect the PUBLIC and not the profits of the DRUG COMPANIES, the public (and Congress) should not trust anything they say. Period. Full stop.

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