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Watch Biden, Kamala Harris & Other Politicians Get Fake Covid-19 Jab

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(CN) — President-elect Joe Biden acknowledged plans to focus on getting certain frontline workers vaccinated first has made the process too slow and rigid, but he also blamed the current administration for ineptitude during the rollout process.

“The more people we vaccinate and the faster we do it, the sooner we can put this pandemic behind us,” the president-elect said in a speech Friday afternoon.

Biden, who will take over as president on Jan. 20, encouraged opening up vaccinations to anyone over 65, a process that has already been implemented in several states where vaccines have languished in freezers due to the bureaucratic process.

WASHINGTON, December 29 (S.C.) Vice President Kamala Harris vaccinated her for a vaccine against coronavirus live and urged all Americans to follow suit.
“I’m now vaccinated… I want to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. It’s relatively painless, it’s really fast, it’s safe… My husband will do it today. I’m waiting to get the second part of the vaccine. It’s literally about saving lives. I trust scientists,” she said after the minute-long procedure. She said she was vaccinated with Moderna.
The minute-long procedure of Kamal’s injection when reviewing and analyzing the video by professionals, turned out to be a tough divorce or a banal deception of fake 

Pelosi tweeted about vaccination. The Speaker of the House said she did so with confidence in science. “Today, with confidence in science and under the guidance of a doctor, I received the vaccine from COVID-19. As long as the vaccine spreads, we must all continue to wear masks, social distancing and other evidence-based measures to save lives and suppress the virus.”
British Moron PM gets another fake salline shot and urges others to do the same for the imaginary fake strain and a fake virus that still hasn’t been isolated or proven to exist

Another Politician getting fake vaccine

Celerity getting fake jab 

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