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Watch as “epidemic of the unvaccinated” becomes “booster refusal killing the double jabbed”

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By el gato malo

hey, remember way back in 2020 when a whole bunch of us were saying that the truncation of the vaccine trials was a sham to hide their rapid fade in efficacy and that the whole thing was going to lead to booster after booster, possibly as a means to force you to renew your vaccine passport every 6 months so you’d be able to keep affirmative permission to work, go out, or have a life?

many laughed.

still laughing?

because the “triple vaxx or die” claims are coming.

it’s all part and parcel of the same redefinitional games that have been played all along.

it has always been the fault of those who “refuse to do what they are told.”

and the messaging war machine is getting ready to try to roll over you once again.

these are their classic semantic games of the post modernist. you were “fully vaccinated.” now, you aren’t. you’re “dying because you’re an antivaxxer” because we changed the meaning of the words and the science we said with such certitude was settled has moved on.

the shaming and inversion of principles has become overt to the point where it would be hilarious were it not so tedious and so dire.

the purported party of “my body my choice” for reproductive rights and even gender is suddenly the oppressive imposer of “your body my choice” when it becomes time to submit to their dictatorial whims.

they rage and rant and ever more forcefully coerce because they cannot convince.

they vilify because they cannot edify.

and they lie, twist, and change their story because the facts are not and have never been on their side here.

these are awful vaccines. they don’t stop spread, likely make it worse, may stop “covid deaths” but have shown NO evidence of stopping deaths overall, not even in their own clinical trials.

the adverse events are so far in excess of what would have caused any other vaccine in history to be pulled off the market as to demand some very pointed questions about whether there is any safety protocol at all in place here.

is there, quite literally, any set of outcomes that would (as many countries have started to do) lead to these drugs being discontinued in the US?

because it does not look like it to me.

this is part and parcel to the way their efficacy was sold.The Recount @therecountCDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “Our data from the CDC today suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus.” March 30th 20217,672 Retweets21,113 Likes

they were supposed to be “the only way to reach herd immunity” to the point where the CDC changed its own website to claim this. that narrative clearly failed. it was wildly, incredibly wrong. so were 20 others.

the tellers of what we all must do have been wrong about literally everything, recanted and inverted view after view, and claimed like lucy offering a football to poor charlie brown that “this is the last thing you need to be free of us” only to pull it away and land us on our heads and deeper in subjugation yet again.

at a certain point, one might legitimately ask “do any of you people have any idea what in hell you have been selling us?” and possibly even “do you even care?”

most amazingly, through all these changes, as vaccines have failed over and over and the story morphed from “your vaccine protects me” to “well, my vaccine probably endangers you so you need the vaccine so that you are protected and will protect the hospitals” none of the policy prescriptions changed.

it’s still and always “ you need the jab!” and “we need vaxx mandates!” never, “wow, we need to rethink this.”

there is a name for people who, when the facts change refuse to change their position.

it is NOT “doctor” and it’s certainly not “scientist.”

whether or not it ever was, this is clearly not about a pandemic or about public health anymore.

these health officials and governmental leaders have painted themselves into a corner with their own catastrophic failure.

and now as their societal scale investigational drug trial burns like a pillaged city, their only play is to blame you for not submitting harder, for not buying the new lie.

they will lie about “hospitals filling with the unvaccinated” but it’s clear this is false and that they are using dodgy means of counting. in the UK who seems to at least play it straight on this data, 71% of hospitalizations and 83% of deaths were in the vaccinated in the month ending with week 44 (ending nov 7).

perhaps this is why they have had to shift their narrative to “it’s your fault for not boosting” and erecting a thicket of false facts and flags to gull the credulous.

they’ll create authorities to validate this and make up new claims to support their new demands, but it’s all just spin and manipulation.

what’s really going on is a sorcerer’s apprentice that has lost control and the fact of this is going to become MUCH too big to hide in the next 6-8 weeks.

the propaganda and gaslighting is going to get stretched too far and the whole edifice will collapse.

the true believers, like any doomsday cult when the world fails to end, will double and triple down and lose their minds in paroxysms of piety and rage.

many inhabit that increasingly miscalibrated dystopia known as “the media.”

we’re seeing it already.

the attacks are getting desperate and shrill.

“we must do as we’re told!” seethe the news clowns worried that the circus might be on fire and what remains of their meagre status in jeopardy. “obedience is bravery!” “submission is freedom!”

“i’ll take any number of shots to prove my faith and if you fail to kowtow it must mean you are afraid!”

it’s doubtless a wonderfully cozy and self-contained world view to simply presume that any who disagree with you are “stupid, filthy, cowardly deplorables” or that they have been “brainwashed.”

it’s the sad cognitive dissonance response of a limited mind frantically trying to protect itself from the knowledge that it has been so dangerously wrong and gullible.

the brainwashed are ALWAYS the ones most likely to accuse others of having been brainwashed.

it also makes for great propaganda.

this would be cause for pity were it not for the tendency of such internal twisting to manifest itself as violent despotism and the instinct to other and oppress.Gene Weingarten @geneweingartenIs there a point at which the “unvaccinated” need to be prosecuted?November 12th 2021104 Retweets150 Likes

the folks that come ‘round to put you in camps always think they are the good guys.

it’s just the last ditch effort of those unable to make a rational case to free people to sustain their self view of exceptionalism, vision, and entitlement to rule. it is, after all, for your own good and the good of all. be grateful that such as we not only have such clear understanding of just what that good is, but the will and vigor to see it imposed!

it’s totalitarian tyranny that demands you send it a thank you card.

it’s also all about to come crashing down.

this sort of strategy relies on momentum, and in most of the west, they have lost it.

the big lie relies upon suppressing the truth. but this truth is bigger still. everyone is seeing with their own eyes what’s going on. the most devout 20% will go down on this ship engulfed by icy water while still shrilling that icebergs are a conspiracy theory, but the middle has had more than enough.

the so called “mainstream media” has been dying by inches and has used tribal hatred of cheeto colored presidents and wet pants covidian night terrors to desperately cling to relevance, but this is doomed to ignominious failure. their days as arbiters of truth and style and taste are over.

and everyone but them knows it.

people are rising all over the world, and we should ALL rise with them.

you’re being sold a pack of lies by a pack of liars whose story has changed more times than gwenneth paltrow’s food restrictions.

you’re literally being sold a celebrity diet of toxic trash under the guise of public health.

Topless Gwyneth Paltrow Poses in Mud on First Goop Mag Cover - E! Online

it’s all become more than they can sustain and their endless diatribes and 5000 word atlantic essays using ever more tangled and strained language and unmoored logic cannot stand against what’s coming.

the hubris of the post rationalist despotic class has awakened nemesis in the form of the common sense of common people who are simply unwilling to inhabit this hallucination any longer.

such common people finding common cause in the fight for common sense and a return to the rights and reason of the individual as the cornerstone of a society of free people represents the righteous retribution that shall lay this overweening and entitled arrogance low.

we cannot find better leaders to wield these monstrous prerogatives with greater sagacity. no such leaders exist nor can they.

these powers must be taken away and agency and liberty restored to residence with we the people where such powers rightfully belong.

be a part of the solution.

the society you save may be your own.

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