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Vinay Prasad exposes flawed CDC mask study and more …

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Updates on the deeply flawed CDC mask study, the Grand Jury starts, the J&J vax and Germany, and Santa Clara County, CA mandates

By Steve Kirsch

I’m combining a few smaller topics in this mega-post:

  1. UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad is the only person in the US mainstream medical community who is courageous enough to call out the latest CDC mask study as deeply flawed
  2. International Grand Jury starts hearing testimony
  3. Why choosing the J&J vaccine may be a mistake if you travel to Europe
  4. Sara Cody and her ridiculous COVID vaccine mandates for workers in Santa Clara County are putting people out of work and putting additional stress on remaining workers. The data shows clearly her mandates are nonsensical because the vaccinated are getting COVID at the same rate as the unvaccinated. But nobody is going to stop her.
  5. A Santa Clara County fire chief speaks out about a more than five-fold increase in the number of cardiac events in 2021

Masks still don’t work even though the CDC (via a MMWR paper) is trying really hard to convince you that they do

The latest study coming out of the CDC attempts to convince the masses that face masks work against COVID. This study is deeply flawed. It is published in the CDC’s favorite medical journal: the MMWR Report, a medical journal with an impact factor of 17.5. Most papers aren’t peer-reviewed, but the CDC assures us that each paper undergoes a rigorous multilevel clearance process before publication. After all, if you can’t trust the CDC, who can you trust? (that was a joke)

I am grateful to UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad who decimates the latest nonsense from CDC in this Substack article that everyone should read (also available on the Brownstone Institute).

I give Vinay a lot of credit. We’ve never talked, but Vinay is one of the few truth tellers left in mainstream academia who openly challenges the false narrative. I don’t agree with him on all issues (Vitamin D and ivermectin for example), but anyone who has the guts to challenge the mainstream narrative has my respect.

Consider this. Nobody else in the mainstream medical community would dare to write such an article attacking this obviously flawed study.

Vinay’s article is the only one calling out the mischief. Let me know if I’m wrong about that.

I don’t care how you feel about masks, but this article is important. It shows you how totally inept and corrupt mainstream academia is.

If you were waiting for clear and convincing evidence that the mainstream medical community is totally brainwashed, this study is Exhibit A.

Nobody but Vinay Prasad would dare to call out the CDC on this. Vinay gets an A+ for having the courage to point out the obvious: that the Emperor has no clothes. Everyone else gets a fail: they eat it up without an ounce of critical thinking applied.

Take a look at this Twitter search result and you’ll see all the mindless regurgitation of the study without any critical thinking at all. Vinay is the only guy with a working brain.

In short, the CDC wants you to believe this chart is true:

This figure describes how people who wore a face covering were less likely to test positive than people who didn’t wear one.

But hang on a second. The same CDC nearly a year earlier told us that masks only reduce cases by less than 2%. So it’s super confusing, isn’t it? What changed? Which one should we believe?

The truth is they are all zero and indistinguishable from doing nothing. Look at the real world results of mask mandates: the N95 area performs worse than the surgical mask areas.

And according to the WHO in 2004, surgical masks cannot stop a virus. In the WHO 2004 “Laboratory Biosafety Manual” (Third Edition) it says, “Surgical type masks are designed solely for patient protection and do not provide respiratory protection to workers.”

And of course both randomized mask studies showed no effect (if you actually look at the data). See the Masks section of Incriminating Evidence for all the detailed references.

International Grand Jury

Some people have pointed out this Grand Jury video, but these proceedings don’t have the force of law in any country so the outcome is not enforceable, unfortunately. Worth watching to see what should be happening.

J&J vaccine caution

I heard a story of a friend of a friend who went to Germany and discovered to her dismay that J&J vaccine that was given in the US was not accepted as “being vaccinated.” Result: She was denied access to all restaurants in Germany.

Also, if you try to take your mask off outside in Germany, someone (a concerned citizen) will quickly come up to you and scold you to put it back on.

My conclusion: Probably not very likely that Germany is going to lead the world out of the mass formation psychosis.

Sara Cody and Santa Clara County vaccine mandates

In Santa Clara County California, the public health official, Sara Cody, reigns supreme. Her draconian mandate that county employees who are in “high risk” jobs be vaccinated or be put on leave has gone into effect with dozens of firefighters being put on administrative leave without pay, even though they have exemptions.

But the actual statistics for firefighters in Santa Clara County show that the infection rate with COVID is the same, whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated (see the next section)!

In other words, her order has nothing to do with protecting the public. It’s nonsensical. She is putting enormous strain on both the vaccinated and unvaccinated first responders for no public benefit just so she can look “tough” on COVID.

Vaccinated firefighters now have to work mandatory overtime, jeopardizing public safety and putting a huge strain on their lives. Unvaccinated firefighters have no clue whether their job is gone forever or not and must find other work in the meantime to support their families. All for nothing. Just so Sara Cody can create the public impression that she’s tough on COVID.

Sara Cody’s track record: Infections are off-the-chart…literally!

You can’t make this up. Following Sara’s advice has led to infection rates that are literally “off the chart.” See those blue bars on the right? The tops are cut off!!! You cannot make this stuff up. You can go to Google and see this yourself.

Of course, she would argue (without showing any data) that “If not for my mandates, it would be even worse!”

Santa Clara county vaxed vs. unvaxed data shows the vaccine isn’t protecting anyone

The FOIA response for both San Jose Fire (approx. 660 sworn firefighters) and San Jose PD (approx. 1300 sworn officers) are shown below. Note that the vaccine makes no difference as to whether you are COVID positive or not. In short, Sara Cody has no data whatsoever to stand on in justifying her mandates.

And for the police

Obtained via FOIA, here is the science basis for Sara Cody’s health restrictions

Here in Santa Clara County, we have some of the most restrictive COVID regulations in the US.

Why is that?

Our public health officer Sara Cody.

Sara Cody can do anything she wants and nobody can or will stop her.

Sara Cody will not be held accountable. She will not answer any questions.

How does Dr. Cody make her policy decisions?

It can best be described by paraphrasing the famous line from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre: “Data?!?!? We ain’t got no data. We don’t need no data. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ data!”

The FOIA data on firefighters and police is shown above. Vaccination makes no difference. As for the science, there isn’t any of that justifying her mandates.

Here’s the FOIA request/response on the underlying science justifying her policies:

Dear Mr. Goodson,

I am writing in response to your request below.  The California Public Records Act allows you to request copies of public records “prepared, owned, used or retained” by the County of Santa Clara (“County”).  The County’s Public Health Department continuously reviews articles and other information on COVID-19.  These are taken into account when creating health officer orders and public health guidance, but the Public Health Department does not always retain copies of such information when reviewing them.  Additionally, the Public Health Department does not maintain hard copy or electronic records in a manner that would allow it to identify the specific information that the Public Health Department is relying on to support its COVID-19 orders or guidance, as opposed to information that may have been reviewed but not relied upon.

This completes the County’s response to your request.


Jenny S. Lam | Deputy County Counsel

Office of the County Counsel, County of Santa Clara

70 West Hedding Street, East Wing, 9th Floor  | San José, CA 95110

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2022 9:01 AM

To: Cody, Sara (Health Officer)

Subject: [EXTERNAL] PIR: Where’s The Science Sara?

Dear Dr. Cody,

This is a Public Information Request. Please provide me with electronic copies of all of the information that you have used as the basis for establishing  your Covid19 public safety protocols.

Sincerely, Gary Goodson

Sent from my iPhone

A Santa Clara County Fire Chief speaks out

I can’t tell you who he is or he’ll lose his job.

He told me in a zoom call today that he’s seen more cardiac events in the last year than he’s seen in the last 5 years combined.

Hmmm…. How are “they” going to explain that one?

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