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UK: Pandemic is Over for the Unvaccinated | Short-term Reinfections Exploding | Double Vaccination Kills Immunity

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By Igor Chudov

UK: Short-term Reinfections Exploding

Highly-Vaxxed Brits are Reinfected Constantly

The UK, like most other good countries, reports “Covid Cases” to the world. These reports, however, consider reinfections to be “new cases” only if there is a period of more than 90 days between positive tests. Any shorter interval between positive tests makes the UK consider that a “continuation” of a previous case.

So, for instance, a person who had Covid on Dec 15, recovered in a week, and then got Covid again on March 5, would NOT officially be considered a “new Covid case”.

However, the UK also has a “ZOE Health tracker app”, which is apparently popular and allows people to report their symptoms. This app considers short term reinfections to be “cases” also and reports collective statistics.

Look at the two graphs. First, official UK data:

Second, ZOE data. Look at the blue line, reported Covid cases:

You can see right away that, approximately until the early January peak, the two graphs perfectly matched each other in their shape. However, they totally diverged after that. Please forgive my Hunter-Biden level drawing skills, but after 5th try I was able to draw well enough to illustrate the difference:

I drew the BLUE line on the graph to roughly represent how the ZOE line has diverged from the official data.

Some notes:

  • It is understandable that self-reported ZOE symptoms may generally exceed officially-reported, test-confirmed “cases” as they use a different criteria
  • But up to January the SHAPE of these curves was roughly equal, with one following another closely
  • However, after January, ZOE curve skyrocketed compared to the official curve

So, what is going on? I believe that the answer is that there is a lot more short term reinfections in the UK, than before, that show up in ZOE but not in the official statistics.

In fact, the graph suggests that about half of the currently infected are on their second, short-term reinfection.

Percent of people who are Infected

The UK is tracking a very helpful metric: what is the percentage of people who are CURRENTLY INFECTED. It does not consider “reinfections” in any way, it just does not care.

This is a graph of “percentage of people currently infected” from Financial Times.

This graph of “percentage of people currently infected” matches the ZOE data much better than the official reported cases.

You can see that roughly one in 20 residents of England, currently, is infected. This percentage is, in fact, fairly close to the January peak of “Omicron”. This means that the pandemic is NOT ending and most closely resembles a dumpster fire that just would not stop burning and emitting noxious smoke.

The situation is even worse for older people, who need protection the most and benefit least from the so called “vaccine”.

Coronavirus infections among over-70s in the UK surged to a record high in mid-March driven by the highly infectious Omicron BA.2 sub-variant, according to the Office for National Statistics.

What is the reason? Here it is:Igor’s NewsletterUK Elderly: Double Vaccination Kills ImmunitySince we will no longer receive UKHSA cases and deaths by vaccination reports, I wanted to peruse the latest report and other data to show just how little benefit does “vaccination” hold for people who need protection the most: the elderly persons in the UK…Read more2 days ago · 220 likes · 167 comments · Igor Chudov


This is Bad News

Short term reinfections may be mild — so they do not show up in hospitalizations as much — but they are NOT a good thing. It means that people having them, are not really immune to Covid after repeated vaccinations and breakthrough Covid cases.

They do not have “hybrid super immunity”. Instead, they lack ANY immunity. I hope that it does not include immunity to OTHER illnesses like smallpox or chickenpox. Time will tell.

The recent reports of Covid infections destroying immune T cells, like HIV, also make endless repeat cases concerning.Igor’s NewsletterSars-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIVIs Sars-Cov-2 airborne HIV? Two days ago, an interesting article came out: This article was not written by a bunch of random scientists, but instead was written by people from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including the infamous batwoman Shi Zheng-Li. Just keep this in mind. It was originally submitted in Sep 2021 and revised in January 2022, so it d…Read more7 days ago · 262 likes · 226 comments · Igor Chudov

Will this eventually make repeat Covid sufferers into continuous carriers of illness and walking spike protein factories? What will happen to them? It is a very worrying trend.

The US is in many ways like the UK and the same thing is expected to happen here — just a few weeks later.

Unfortunately, there is NO separate reporting by vaccination status. Clearly, the so called “natural immunity” no longer applies to the highly-vaccinated UK. There are indications, however, that this is a mostly-vaccinated phenomenon:Igor’s NewsletterUKHSA Explains Endless Reinfections of the VaccinatedUK’s Health Security Agency UKHSA continues to put out very interesting reports. An item in the latest Vaccine Surveillance Report caught my eye. It explains, in simple language, that the vaccinated do NOT acquire the “full natural immunity”. Therefore, in my opinion, vaccinated persons will be reinfected endlessly with Covid. Reinfection is my favorite …Read more2 months ago · 175 likes · 254 comments · Igor Chudov

Let me clarify: The UK is not a uniquely BAD country! Quite the opposite: it has uniquely GOOD statistics. That’s why we can see the data and make sense of it. I have always been a great fan of the UK and wish their people all the best.

UK Elderly: Double Vaccination Kills Immunity

No Prevention of Illness or Long Covid; Almost no Death Prevention from Booster

Since we will no longer receive UKHSA cases and deaths by vaccination reports, I wanted to peruse the latest report and other data to show just how little benefit does “vaccination” hold for people who need protection the most: the elderly persons in the UK, specifically persons over 80.

The elderly are the most overrepresented category for Covid deaths:

The over-80s have almost twice the raw number of deaths as all other ages, combined! No wonder they are in the most need for protection — and they are getting the least of it.

Here’s what I will show:

  • Vaccination invites Covid infections, instead of protecting against them
  • Elderly persons double-vaccinated about a year ago, have THREE TIMES the death rate of the unvaccinated due to destroyed immunity
  • Booster provides only 27% protection from death (based on a 60 day past-infection interval). This protection is declining and in due time will become NEGATIVE, mirroring the situation with double-vaccinated
  • Vaccines provide no protection from Long Covid in the elderlyShare


So, take a look at the latest UKHSA report for Weeks 7-10:

  • About 95% of over-80s in the UK are vaccinated. (Page 17).
  • In weeks 7-10 of 2022, 664 unvaccinated over-80 persons had Covid.
    In the same period, 32,597 vaccinated persons over-80 had Covid (Page 41)
  • That means that even though 5% of UK’s elderly are unvaccinated, only 2% of Covid cases are unvaccinated.
  • In other words, vaccinated elderly persons are 2.2 TIMES more likely to get Covid than their unvaccinated peers. This means that instead of making them protected from Covid, vaccines make them TWICE more vulnerable to getting sick.


I will show that

  • Double vaccination that occurred a long time from now places double vaxxed in extremely precarious position:
    Covid mortality per 100,000 for double-vaccinated over-80s is THREE TIMES (3.23 times to be exact) higher than for the unvaccinated (449 per 100,000 for double vaxed vs 139 per 100,000 for unvaccinated)
  • Covid mortality per 100,000 for boosted over-80s is 101 per 100,000
  • Covid mortality per 100,000 for unvaccinated over-80s is 139 per 100,000
  • This gives estimate of vaccine effectiveness, for boosted compared to unvaccinated, of ONLY:
    Booster Effectiveness 1-101/139 = 27.3%!

Let’s see the details.

The following table uses NIMS population estimate for over-80 as 2,735,543, NIMS vaccination counts as below, and UKHSA death within 60 days counts from page 44:

I wrote down and summarized these numbers carefully:

Not sure what is the government’s plan on what to do when the booster effectiveness becomes negative. Will they start giving more shots? How many people will believe the assurances, that have repeatedly proven false?

Long Covid

This UK preprint from Oxford demonstrates that for older people (past 60), vaccination does NOT prevent long Covid either:


Clearly, for the UK elderly, vaccines overpromised and underdelivered. The last vestiges of “vaccine protection” — death protection — are evaporating for even the most heavily-vaccinated elderly persons.

We are now left with nothing and it is time to ask: Dear government, will you please leave us alone and legalize early treatments that always worked, such as Ivermectin.

UK will HIDE Vaccinated Cases and Deaths

Just as I predicted EXACTLY A MONTH AGO

Feeling like a Cassandra… My article from February 17 (a month ago)Igor’s NewsletterWill UKHSA also Hide Vaccinated and Boosted Deaths?I wrote an article yesterday about Scotland deciding to HIDE deaths of vaccinated and boosted people, in order to not provide truthful materials for “Antivaxxer misinformation”. Oddly enough, Scotland did not decide to actually look into this, or study specific vaccinated people who are dying at greater rates than vaccine-free people, to figure out what …Read morea month ago · 137 likes · 72 comments · Igor Chudov

And this is from today March 17


The infamous UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report started as a great tool by the vaccinators to showcase incredible successes of Covid Vaxx. But, as time went on, success was no longer in the cards, and the reports displayed grimmer and grimmer failure of vaccines in the UK.

As I said many times, the bad news from the UK in no way should be interpreted as the UK being somehow a bad country. To the contrary, the UK had an amazing statistical agency that (up until now) honestly reported the goings in the vaxxed world.

Finally, it seems, just as Scotland did, the UK will discontinue case reports by vaccination status. They gave the lamest excuse of “ending free Covid testing” that somehow makes them unable to add up vaccinated vs unvaccinated cases? Come on.

The so called “free Covid testing” is likely ending for similarly sinister reasons, specifically because they want to downplay cases as they keep increasing in the UK.

Well, these UKHSA reports were good while it lasted. The truthful cases by vaccination status reports, showing the ignominous ending of the UK vaccination campaign, will be available no more starting April.

They do have something to hide

Before I describe what is it that they are trying to hide, let me mention my methodology: I keep a spreadsheet that I update week by week, with counts of vaccinated vs boosted case rates and death rates. I do NOT include under-18s in my data because they are (were) overtested in schools, do not actually die of Covid, thankfully, and really are not the same population as adults.

What they are trying to hide is that the pandemic among the unvaccinated is essentially over, whereas it is just getting started among the boosted.

Look at the numbers: Compared to week 6-9, cases in week 7-10 among the unvaccinated barely increased by 1%, from 59,904 cases to 60,372. For the boosted, cases increased by 14%, from 543,809 to 617,982!

For the vulnerable 60-69 year old category, the boosted 60-69 year olds get sick 4.25 TIMES as much as unvaccinated 60-69 year olds. Take a minute to let that sink in. Far from being protective, boosters make 60-69 year olds four times more vulnerable to infections!

Deaths similarly show a sad picture. 90% of Covid deaths in the UK, in weeks 7-10, were among the vaccinated!


Ba.2 is the Big News for the Vaxxed

I started talking about Ba.2 when few people cared about it. One article two months ago and one a month ago.Igor’s NewsletterBA2 Omicron Variant is Worth DiscussingThis post offers some news on what will be very important in the coming months. Like many other things, Omicron BA.2 is not on most busy people’s radar, but soon will be the only thing that people talk about. I made a decision to start writing about Omicron very early in the game, and want to write about BA.2 also to keep my readers abreast…Read more2 months ago · 167 likes · 214 comments · Igor ChudovIgor’s NewsletterBA.2 Variant Loves Lungs and Forms Cellular ClotsI wrote some stuff about Ba.2 Covid variant almost a month ago. Some of what I wrote turned out to be quite relevant. A new study comparing Ba.1 and Ba.2 “Omicron variants” is out. The short of it is that Ba.2 is much more pathogenic than Ba.1 and it destroys lungs to a much greater extent…Read morea month ago · 163 likes · 164 comments · Igor Chudov

Ba.2 has finally become the dominant variant in the UK and is wreaking havoc, with cases and hospitalizations rising. (as I have demonstrated above, rising almost exclusively among the vaccinated and boosted)

Ba.2 is a more contagious variant. The findings from UK Technical Briefing are indeed alarming:

  • Ba.2 is 27% more contagious than Ba.1 (page 3)
  • Persons who had Delta show poor immunity to Ba.2
  • Persons who had Ba.1 show poor immunity to Ba.2

They could not keep themselves from some pro-vaccine misinformation however:

My Prediction for the UK

Two trends will converge into some disappointing developments

  • Recently boosted people’s protection will wane soon
  • Ba.2 will start reinfecting persons who had Ba.1 more than 90 days ago. That 90 days interval is important bureaucratically, because that is how reinfections are counted, but not important immunologically.

Thus, we will be seeing a further increase in cases and deaths. However, this increase may prove short lived, and new variants will take over in some undetermined future time.

The Covid pandemic is far from over and, likely, is still in the beginning stages. The glimpse of the future is in this deeply disappointing and heart wrenching Reddit post:

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