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Truckers convoy has now blockaded the US-Canada border crossing in Alberta [Jan 30-31](Videos)

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Canadian Official “Expects Police to Take Appropriate Action” as Trucker Convoy Blocks U.S.-Canada Border Crossing

Over 100 truckers have blocked the Canadian border between Alberta and Montana for a third straight day on Monday (Jan. 31) in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, according to the Calgary Herald.

On Sunday (Jan. 30), Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called for an end to the blockade, saying: “Canadians have a democratic right to engage in lawful protests. I urge those involved in this truck convoy protest to do so as safely as possible, and not to create road hazards that could lead to accidents or unsafe conditions for other drivers.”

“If participants in this convoy cross the line and break the law, I expect police to take appropriate action,” said Kenney, who previously warned that COVID-19 vaccine restrictions could disrupt the supply chain between the US and Canada.

Meanwhile, the truckers have voted to stand their ground and stay.

Conservatives Deputy Leader to Liberals:
“So I again will ask the Prime Minster, who may I remind the House wore blackface on more times than he can remember, apologize the peace-loving, patriotic Canadians who are outside right now just asking to be heard?”
Truckers convoy has now blockaded the US-Canada border crossing in Alberta.
Max bernier’s response to Trudeau’s accusation.
MP Erin O’ Toole to Trudeau: “When you ignore and divide a country when it needs to be united, that’s not leadership… Millions of Canadians over two years have seen their lives upended… When is life getting back to normal, Mr. Speaker?”
Trudeau diverts and praises the vaccinated.

Justin Trudeau was looking quite healthy today, possessing a lot of vigor and energy to denounce the Freedom Convoy as he remotely spoke to Parliament.

“We vigorously condemn the hatred, the intolerance that we’ve seen in the streets of Ottawa over the past number of days.”

Rebel News – A standoff has ensued at the Alberta/Montana border, where truckers supporting the Freedom Convoy have vowed to remain despite police presence.

Tensions are ratcheting up with police and tow trucks descending on the scene. Blockaders have now opened up one lane of traffic to allow locals, school buses and emergency vehicles access to the border.

What started as a cross-border protest of hundreds of truckers and locals at the Coutts, Alberta-Sweet Grass, Montana border crossing Saturday morning had turned into a full-on blockade of the southbound lane of Alberta Highway 4 by Sunday.

The so-far peaceful demonstration was organized to show support for the Freedom Convoy that headed to Ottawa, which has now ground the nation’s capital to a halt. That convoy began in opposition to federally-imposed vaccine requirements for cross-border truckers and has grown into a national movement against lockdowns and restrictions for all Canadians.

According to Rebel reporters Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard, who have been on the scene of the stand-off since late last night, despite a winter storm and near-zero visibility, the protesters have voted to remain. Should they do so, they face fines $10,000 for a first offence or $25,000, as well as jail time.

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