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Thousands of Canadian [Jan 23] Truckers to Join Cross-Country ‘Freedom Convoy’ to Protest COVID Vaccine Mandates

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Thousands of Canadian truckers set off Sunday (Jan. 23) from Metro Vancouver and Northern B.C. on a nationwide “Freedom Convoy” to Ottawa to protest the federal vaccine order for truck drivers.

“We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people. Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive,” reads the “Freedom Convoy 2022” Go Fund Me page.

“It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mandates. It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t our country will no longer be the country we have come to love. We are doing this for our future Generations and to regain our lives back.”

According to the group, truckers from the Vancouver area began a large “slow roll” convoy on January 23, moving eastward and making their way to Ottawa by January 28.

Additionally, convoys from Eastern Canada will begin their protest starting on January 27 from Enfield, Nova Scotia, to end in Ottawa on January 29.

A “south route” will begin its convoy on January 28 from Windsor, Ontario, to arrive in Ottawa on January 29.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance condemned the protest in a statement issued 24 hours before a convoy of unvaccinated truckers was set to leave British Columbia.

“The Canadian Trucking Alliance does not support and strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges,” the statement read. “CTA believes such actions – especially those that interfere with public safety – are not how disagreements with government policies should be expressed.”

Yesterday in Canada, a 50 mile long caravan protest against COVID mandates blocked the roads. Jan 24, 2022
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