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The War on American Culture: “It’s Not Just the Virus, and It’s Not Just the Vaccine” – Dr. Naomi Wolf [Full Documentary]

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Dr. Naomi Wolf: “We were a kind, decent, inclusive culture that respected other people’s boundaries and freedoms … and now a CCP-style cruelty is something that we tolerate!”

The Chinese Social Credit System: All You Need Is Vaccine Passports With More Functionality

“It Takes Literally 20 Minutes of Coding to Add”

  • An Excelsior pass
  • A score based on social media use
  • Your political views
  • Data that maps your relationship to the people you interact with

Dr. Naomi Wolf: “We’re literally a 3 on a 10 of the Chinese social credit system when we accept vaccine passports, and then we get to 10 within 20 minutes of coding.”

Full Video: ‘We Don’t Have America Anymore’—Dr. Naomi Wolf on CCP-Style Technocratic Authoritarianism in the US [Epoch Times]

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