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The Holocaust Debunked Once and For All. By Black Moth (& MORE)

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The lie of 6 million jews was printed in 1915

When Holocaust Lies are cross examined, they fall apart.
Ernst Zuendel trial in Canada was one of the only times Holocaust “eyewitnesses” and so called historians were able to be cross examined…The result was predictable.
This is why the powers that be do not allow open debate on the Holocaust of WW2 Jewry



Bishop Richard Williamson – The truth about the holocaust and covid

Why hitler really hated the jews.
Not 30million but over 66million russians were murdered by the communist jews over a thirty to forty year period , and hitler knew germany was next.
Everything we’ve been taught has been a lie, 6million jews never died, the holocaust is a made up lie, instead the so called victim players were never the victim and have been brutally murdering hundreds of millions of intelligent people and shifted the blame on the white europeans, specifically the germans. These devils rewrote history and are apparently still ruling the world today.

Watch 👉 Europa The Last Battle Documentary

(You won’t believe how badly they starved the russians, the russians were literally digging up dead people from the graveyard to eat them)

Georgia Set To Make Questioning Holocaust Illegal by Chad Chaddington

So that Neo Nazi rally was staged by the FL gov for DeSantis, who is now signing the strongest antisemitism bill??

FYI. THE UN Passed Holocaust Denial Resolution to attack Freedom Of Speech on January 21st. Perfect timing. The more you know

UN set to pass historic resolution against Holocaust denial Thursday

The UN General Assembly is set to adopt a historic resolution calling for “action to combat Holocaust denial and distortion as antisemitism continues to surge globally.” The effort is led by the Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, who said the resolution would mark the first time in 17 years that the General Assembly was expected to approve an Israeli-authored text.

Published: JANUARY 19, 2022 14:50

Adolf Hitler – The Contamination of the Minds of Our Children

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes – then doubles down on Holocaust remarks

Speaking to Stephen Colbert, The View host said the “Nazis lied” and “had issues with ethnicity, not with race”.

Goldberg went on The Late Show to clarify recent comments which outraged the Jewish community for trivializing the Holocaust.

Will the cancel mob come for Goldberg?

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