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The Event 2021: Watch Online Live Summit that brings David Icke, RFK jr., Scientists & Dozens of blazing minds together

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It is a FREE livestream event with over 60 minds coming together possibly with millions of followers to provide you solutions and empowerment to kick off 2022.

Sign up here!:

The Event 2021 Official Trailer

Christiane Northrup M.D posted
In case you haven’t already noticed, your health and freedom are at stake. That’s why I want to invite you to The Event—a FREE 5-Day Online Summit that I am pleased to sponsor, where healers and leaders are coming together to discuss how to move forward in new ways.
I will be speaking along with more than 40 trailblazers, including Kelly
Brogan, M.D., Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Zach Bush, M.D., and many
others. It all starts tomorrow!

Speakers & Practitioners

Aaron Abke Speaker, Educator

Tom Barnett Holistic Health Practitioner, Mindset Coach

Aubert Bastiat Sacred Sons Co-Founder Sacred Sons

Ty & Charlene Bollinger Founders The Truth About Cancer

Laura Bolton Coach, Educator, Guide

Brandon Bozarth Guide, Channel, Coach

Kelly Brogan M.D. Founder Vital Mind Reset

Derrick Broze Author, Activist The Conscious Resistance

Zach Bush M.D. Speaker, Educator, Physician

John Bush Founder Freedom Cells

Bradley Campbell DC Chiropractic Internist and Acupuncturist

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan Doctor, Author, Coach, Mama of 2 Luminous Kids

Jason Christoff Mindset Coach, Educator, Podcast Host

Tom Cowan M.D. Author, Speaker, Physician

Nathan Crane Natural Health Researcher, Holistic Cancer Educator

Jason Crowe Co-Founder QORTAL

Eyla Cuenca Holistic Birth Guide

Xavier Dagba Lifecoach, Healer

Doug Dane International Sales Director Proctor Gallagher Institute

Josh del Sol Co-Host / Founder The Event / Take Back Your Power

Charles Eisenstein Author, Speaker, Educator

Erin Elizabeth Speaker, Activist

Chef Mollie Engelhart Owner, Founder, Executive Chef, Farmer Sow a Heart Farm , Sage Restaurants

Sally Fallon-Morell Author, Speaker

Jim Gale Educator, Farmer, Activist Food Forest Abundance

Andrew Genovese Breathwork Facilitator

Rob Herring Eco-Activist, Filmmaker

Stanton Hom Future Generations

Brian Hoyer EMF Remediation Expert & FNTP Shielded Healing

Gareth Icke Podcast Host, Musician Ickonic

Mandy Jacob An off-grid political/legal prayer church Watchmen on the Wall

Kevin Jenkins Founder Urban Global Health Alliance

Sayer Ji Founder

Dr. Brett Jones CEO Kairos Training Culture

Andrew Kaufman M.D. Founder Medicamentum Authentica

Robert Kennedy Jr. Founder / Attorney / Activist Children’s Health Defense

Dr. Barre Lando Founder Alfa Vedic

Rodney Lavoie Jr

Joshua Lemmens Indigenous Patriot, Reverend, Speaker, Preparedness & Survival Coach

Jimmy Levy Musician

Sol Luckman Artist, Author, Alchemist Phoenix Center for Regenetics

Brian Maisenbacher Owner / Founder Earth Grower LLC

Aubrey Marcus Founder Onnit

Henna Maria Peace Activist, Poet, Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Matt Maruca Founder & CEO Ra Optics

Dr. Lee Merritt The Medical Rebel

Robert Michael Awakened Law Educator and Consultant House of Markus

Dr. Barry Morguelan Energy Master, Speaker, Physician Energy For Success

Christiane Northrup M.D. Author, Speaker, Physician

Larry Palevsky M.D. Pediatrician

Greg Paul Creator The Sovereigns Way

Jessica Peatross M.D. Speaker, Educator, Physician Wellness Plus App

Tara Pilling Founder/ Mindset Coach The Event / Diamond Mind Consulting

Polla Pratt Community Activist, Educator My Self-Healing

Rob Reiner Founder Cropswap

David James Rodriguez Head Coach GATTO Project & Homeschool Leader

Joel Salatin Farmer, Author, Speaker Polyface Farms

Dr. Melissa Sell Owner

Jason Shurka Author, Producer & Truth Seeker

Shawn Stevenson Author, Podcaster The Model Health Show

Dr. Ben Tapper Chiropractor, Speaker, Activist

Krystal Tini Speaker, Activist, Educator

Elena Villanueva DC Health Influencer, Speaker, Educator Modern Holistic Health

Devin Vrana DC Co-Host / Founder The Event / The Big Idea

Ari Whitten Founder The Energy Blueprint

Benny Wills Poet, Educator, Meme Dr. Parrhesia

Mike Winner Co-Host / Co-Founder The Event / Alfa Vedic / QORTAL

Gil Yedidia Spiritual Visionary, Co-Creator People of The Real

Jo Yi M.D. Physician, Speaker The Street MD

Ali Zeck Speaker & Activist

Alec Zeck Co-Host / Co-Founder The Event / HFFH

Emma Zeck Poet, Artist, Embodiment Guide

Zuby Rapper, Author, Public Speaker

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