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Technofascist “Freedom to Die” Pillar Becoming a Reality in Cult Run Canada

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By 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

The WEF’s dopey errand boy and his administration are now pushing through one of the Cult’s 4th Industrial Revolution pillars; namely, the State granting the modified mRNA posthuman digi-slave the “freedom to suicide”.

If PSYOP-19 lockdowns, masking, “vax” passports, loss of businesses and livelihoods, family and friends dying off from surging “all cause” morality (i.e. DEATHVAX™ mortality), PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22, PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION-22 and all the other Psyops and false flags present and imminent have got you down some, and you’re not having a particularly fulfilled life in this current dystopia, well, then you the Canadian Death Cultist have just lucked out!

According to the National Post, Canada will soon offer doctor-assisted death to the mentally ill. Who should be eligible?

Who should be eligible? Whomever the Technocrats and their A.I. algorithms deem privileged enough to be granted the freedom to suicide. In the meantime, we have MAID which eerily harks back to The Handmaid’s Tale (and the surging miscarriage rates since the rollout of the you know what, the suspension of the Constitution, the MSM propaganda, BigTech censorship, etc. & etc. only makes the law’s name that much more ironically depraved):

That decision formed the impetus for Canada’s MAID law, Bill C-14, which allowed for assisted dying in cases where natural death was “reasonably foreseeable.”

In 2019, a Quebec Superior Court justice ruled the reasonably foreseeable death restriction unconstitutional, and that people who were intolerably suffering but not imminently dying still had a constitutional right to be eligible for euthanasia.

In March 2021, Bill C-7 was passed that made changes to the eligibility criteria. Gone is the “reasonably foreseeable” criterion and, as of March 17, 2023, when a two-year sunset clause expires, MAID will be expanded to competent adults whose sole underlying condition is a mental illness.

Mental illness, eh?

The State, especially since the “pandemic”, has done literally everything in its power, and then some, to ensure maximum mental illness across all of their citizenry. The issue now is that the slow kill bioweapon injectables are, well, a bit too slow. So, if life’s got you down, and you feel like you just can’t go on much longer, well, your Nanny State in its infinite magnanimity is here to help you by granting you the right to use the very same drugs that were administered to PSYOP-19 ICU patients and geriatrics in nursing homes: a cocktail of Midazolam, Morphine and a few other drugs for good measure – the very same formula the State sponsored capital punishment penal system uses for their death row inmates. No coincidences here, and no intubation necessary.

We covered this aspect of the Great Reset technofascist State sponsored suicide many times previously, and just as black face rapist Trudeau recently revealed his WEF hand regarding the CBDC’s and the singular digital currency social credit score endgame by confiscating bank accounts of anyone with inappropriate thoughts and as such deemed a threat to the illegitimate government, his administration is now showing their hand regarding the sanctity of life, or lack thereof.

Remember, humans are carbon based lifeforms, and “climate change” CO2 requires decarbonization, which is just the feel good virtue signal self-hating (i.e. subtle suicide ideation ideology implant) means of depopulation. Better to decarbonize the scourge of humanity with their tacit participation, thus the average Death Cultist fulfills the implicit pact willingly. Kool-Aid = DEATHVAX™ = Climate Change = MAID.

IF the Great Reset is pushed through, then the majority of global slaves citizens still left respiring after taking all of their boosters will all certainly be diagnosed as mentally ill, socially unproductive, deviant in thoughts, etc. & etc. such that the posthuman algorithmic variables are met, and the State kindly sends you off to the next life with all the freedom and happiness of not owning anything, including your very own life.

Do NOT comply.


PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22 NOW – White House warns of “extraordinarily elevated” inflation data ahead of tomorrow’s report.

The Cult is pivoting PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22 off of PSYOP-19 prior to unleashing PSYOP-22 and the far more draconian Lockdown 2.0.

The illegitimate USSA government is prepping the citizenry that yet another unconstitutional tax is going to be increased as a direct function of a private central bank furiously printing fiat since the non-pandemic, thus causing hyperinflation which is now being allowed to be expressed due to the PSYOP-19 mandates and perennial boogeyman Putin.

Only this time the financially decimated DEATHVAXXED™ citizenry will comply even faster to get their UBI via the “vax” passport social credit score app.

You knew, you could not but know, this essential mystery of human nature, but you rejected the only absolute banner, which was offered to you to make all men bow down to you indisputably—the banner of earthly bread; and you rejected it in the name of freedom and heavenly bread.

Coming up: stock “market” crash that will end “markets” as we have known them. 2008 was just a warmup for this next engineered collapse.

Do NOT comply.

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