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Suspending Unvaxxed New Brunswick Docs a Travesty – Retired Dr. Ron Samuels, MD [FULL INTERVIEW]

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“They want to get rid of us all.”

According to retired and unvaccinated, Dr. Ron Samuels, MD, the suspension of New Brunswick’s unvaccinated doctors is part of a larger agenda.

On December 1st at 12:01, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB) Registrar, Dr. Ed Schollenberg, suspended the licenses of several doctors who chose not to be coerced into taking the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

The morning before, Dr. Ron Samuels, a retired N.B. physician, wrote an urgent email to Bright Light News to alert us of the unethical and unscientific suspensions. Adding greater alarm to his concern was the fact that many patients were about to be left out in the lurch in a province already short on physicians.

Dr. Samuels firmly believes the unvaccinated must stick together and has co-founded a group that travels all over N.B. to that end. Like-minded individuals can contact him at

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