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shame the children until they comply

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from systematic racism to world wrecking carbon consumption, school seems ever more about shaming children these days. it’s like some sort of out of control secular calvinism imposed by an ever more rarified and deranged priesthood

and somehow, parents have stood for this. but this next one is going to be a wholly different kind of conflagration.

move over intersectional guilt trips, mask manipulations, and malicious malthusian moralizing, there’s a new sheriff in town to heap guilt upon your children and his name is “vaxx shaming.”

i’m getting reports from friends all over puerto rico that the new vaccine mandates for kids over 5 to attend school is resulting in all kinds of nasty “name and shame.”

(this mandate went in the day after FDA EMA approval. kids over 5 need to be covid vaxxed to attend school on PR.)

leaving aside the epidemiological insanity and the outright medical malpractice of this course, the method of its promulgation is just plain nasty.

the department of education is forcing this on every school kid, public and private.

exemptions (medical, religious, but NOT prior infection) are theoretically available but in practice, incredibly hard to get. kids that do are getting singled out publicly and are going to be subjected to odious mandatory testing.

these are direct quotes from friends. only the names are omitted.

“Also, <a private school in PR> had a math teacher ask the kids to raise their hands if vaccinated today.”

this sort of peer pressure brutalizes young kids. it’s how you make them BEG to comply and how you make their religious or medical issues into a sort of public cudgel with which to beat them for their difference.

yet again, “commitment to diversity” is revealed as “ obeisance to our tribal dogma and the shaming of all others.”

this question was asked of the staff of an elementary school via email:

Some children are not eligible to receive injections for medical, religious, or other reasons.  Worryingly, other schools (not XXXXX, of course) have reported instances of children subjected to discriminatory practices–different colored arm bands, exclusion from extracurricular activities, etc–which serve to separate them socially from other students.  This is obvious discrimination and can encourage bullying. What is XXXXX’s plan/policy to ensure our children will all be treated equally? 

the response was this:

We will not discriminate based on vaccination status and all students will be able to be a part of, and access to, our community & our activities.  According to recent information from the PR government, all eligible students must be vaccinated in order to be in school or otherwise legally exempt; we will follow PR guidelines and mandates, and thus require all eligible to be vaccinated or seek exemption

this seems calculated to reassure, yet someone’s pantalones appear to be undergoing combustion…

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this quote is from a parent speaking of the behavior of the principal of the very same school that penned the above…

“So, the principal of the elementary has been visiting the classes. She asked the kids who were vaccinated or would be to stand and if they did not stand their names were highlighted and put on a list.

One of the moms called and left a message.

The principal called her back and apologized and said she agrees it should have not have been done that way. “And she was just curious bc last few days over 35 kids have been absent and she was curious if it was bc of the vax. She said it wasn’t anything to do with trying identify the kids, she just was curious about it.”

firstly, this sure makes the “do not discriminate” response look like so much bureaucratic “yeah-yeah” instantly ignored the minute it’s sent. the very head of school led in the othering.

second, this fails to pass even a rudimentary smell test. if one wonders about absent students, why ask the vaxx status of the ones in school? this smacks of either gross insensitivity or deliberate attempts to ostracize.

third, isn’t it curious to see so many students miss school right after vaccines. oh, wait, no it’s not. at all.

this is about to get staggeringly, irretrievably ugly.

every child in america should get a copy of dr seuss’s book on status signaling and ostracism “the sneetches” this holiday. and every parent should sit down and read it with them.

because this is how you turn schools into a real live version of “the purge” only this one does not end and the factions are pre-selected.

The Purge: Anarchy Review

if you think covid clownery and mask mandates for kids have been vicious thus far, wait until you see what happens when you pit child against child and suck their tiger-parents into a vortex of fear-driven no compromises hand to hand combat over which side is really on the side of the kids over jabs that are going to start harming, crippling, and killing kids.

this is going to make the crusades look like a cub scout jamboree.

Battle of Arsuf - Wikipedia

amygdalas are going to explode and so is anything resembling a civil society around schools.

this is way past “bad idea.” you cannot even see “bad idea” from where this is going to go.

shall these be the lessons of our academia?

from CRT to hallucinatory gender studies to socialism and militant green cultism, schools have become such oppressive factories of dogmatic inculcation as to make pink floyd appear educational optimists.

school choice and an end to using these purported halls of learning as vehicles of indoctrination rather than education is one of the most important issues of our time.

and this may well bring it to a head at last.

make this the bridge too far.

one day, you will look back and have to explain to yourself if no one else (but very likely to you children) which side of this fight you chose or why you chose silence instead of stridence.

choose well. the grinding guilt and shame of past cowardice makes a poor living companion…

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