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Scamidemic & Sputnik V

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The truth about Sputnik V – with Alexander Redko.

From 1987 – Redko was Head doctor of a St. Petersburg hospital, with more than 200 scholarly works to his name to date. He has recently spoken out about the ordeal he is facing from the authorities for having spoken his truth. This includes checking of qualifications, accusations of quackery – the usual package.

All amateur immunologists are welcome to dissect his words!

4:20 – Are antibodies a good thing? Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).
7:00 – QR code nonsense. They do not prevent transmission.
7:55 – Hayflick cycle – politicians cannot control biological and chemical reactions, and thus reduce vaccine trial time periods.
8:55 – finally – a manufactured epidemic!
13:00 – Why they’re coming for the children.
15:20 – Anatoly Chubais as key Sputnik V investor. Chubais is a business oligarch who was responsible for privatisation of state assets under Boris Yeltsin’s administration in the 1990s.

By Edward Slavsquat

By Riley Waggaman, a Moscow-based writer and former RT “senior editor” (newsroom errand boy)

Your humble Moscow correspondent has repeatedly argued that if you are weary of the Big Pharma COVID “vaccines” you should also feel uneasy about Russia’s experimental genetic injection. We explained why here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

But to summarize: Sputnik V is a massive scam. Interestingly, Dr. Alexander Redko—an accomplished surgeon, professor of medical sciences, and civil servant—made a similar observation in a video that has been translated (for the first time ever) into English.

We’ve met him. Lovely man.

Inessa S has translated a 17-minute video in which Redko completely dismantled the “safe and effective” Sputnik V talking points. We strongly recommend watching the full video (and joining Inessa’s Telegram channel), but here are some highlights:

This is not a pandemic this is an infodemic. And everything that has been done is a political and socioeconomic experiment on our population.

If [COVID-19] is not isolated, what are you vaccinated against? Why are you lying to people? This is a commercial project. I’m telling you: We cannot do this because a) the virus has not been isolated, b) there is no vaccine, and c) the phase 3 trials will end on December 31, 2022. Today we are still in 2021.

I have a lot of acquaintances or friends of friends who got sick and are no longer on this earth. After they were vaccinated. Up to 62% of those who come to the hospital with COVID have been vaccinated.

If we want to test a drug, we always have to measure it against the Hayflick cycles. We have to test for six years to see how it affects spermatogenesis, oncogenesis, toxicology, et cetera. we need to see what it does. If for some bureaucratic reason we shorten the cycle…. you can’t shorten the Hayflick cycle. Politicians can speed up social reactions but not chemical and biological reactions.

There is no pandemic because for an epidemic, 5% of the population has to be sick at the same time. We had 7% over two years, 7 over 2! So there was no epidemic.

We have the Pasteur Institute, we have the Mechnikoff Vaccine Research Institute, the Smorodintsev Flu Research Institute—we have so many solid research institutions. Given this tremendous experience in vaccine development, why didn’t they win the government tender?

Why did the Gamaleya Institute win the bid, which has never developed a successful vaccine? Never been accredited by the WHO? They have a single specialist in parasites. So how could this happen? How is it that [blood-sucking oligarch] Anatoly Chubais seems to be losing money with his institute, 340 million rubles. His middleman is in prison, like NT-Pharma, but he remains the main investor of Sputnik 5?

It’s called Sputnik 5, not Sputnik V, because they’ve only produced five vaccines in the whole history. And not a single one was successful. That’s all.

Redko is simply excellent.


There’s a lot to unpack in this video. But we want briefly explore Redko’s comments about the Gamaleya Center.

The world’s leading research institution

Redko correctly noted how odd it is that Gamaleya was able to churn out such a “safe and effective” vaccine so quickly, considering the institute had repeatedly failed to bring one of its totally unproven “viral vector” injections to market. For a fascinating deep dive into Gamaleya’s hideous track record, check out this excellent article published by Fontanka.

We don’t want to get into sketchy clinical trials and failed Ebola shots—we’ve done that already. Let’s explore Gamaleya from a more… cosmetic angle.

Sputnik V’s official website describes Gamaleya as “the world’s leading research institution.”

Okay. What would the world’s leading research institution look like?

In August 2020—the month Sputnik V became “the world’s first registered COVID vaccine”—Gamaleya’s website was a prehistoric HTML cave painting. Then, sometime in late August-early September of the same year, Gamaleya went to the salon and got its nails done.

Dropped the “US Civil War amateur researcher” website design. But why? It was so cozy.

We’re not trying to nitpick—we’re just making observations. Is this what you would expect from the world’s most prestigious and accomplished research institute?

Okay, it’s just a website. But surely the world’s leading research institution would have… an elevator? Right? RIGHT?

Here is an interview with Gamaleya director Alexander Gintsburg from two months ago (November 2021):

Q: When I was at your institute a year and a half ago, we talked about the fact that there is a special Moscow charm in Gamaleya, but there is no elevator, although among the employees there are not a small number of elderly people. We dreamed that there would be an elevator by my next arrival. I didn’t come to you. You came to me …

Alexander Gintsburg: … because there is still no elevator. But I hope that the issue of allocating money for the overhaul of the institute will be resolved, and then … The issue has not been resolved yet.

Really? No money for an elevator? It’s not a Large Hadron Collider. It’s an elevator. Our local McDonald’s cheeseburger emporium has an elevator. What the heck is going on here?

Also, Gintsburg is lying: there is plenty of money to “overhaul” Gamaleya and bring it into the mid-20th century. Instead, Gintsburg chooses to buy nice cars to ride around in:

In July 2021, the Novye Izvestia newspaper published a photo report from the pride of Russian science—the Gamaleya Center, showing the devastation that shocked readers. But, judging by the contracts of the center, it is by no means in poverty— an executive car for 10 million rubles, business-class flights of employees to Paris, Conakry and back to Moscow. Was there not enough money to remove the traces of the 2013 fire in one of the buildings? […]

Fire damage from 2013

[D]uring an inspection in July 2020, the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM [Russia’s Emergencies ministry] in Moscow found that “protective structures do not meet fire safety requirements,” and in January 2019, the same department revealed fire safety violations in other buildings. As a result, in one of the buildings it was ordered to remove the gas pipelines in the corridors, and the premises at a number of addresses “to be equipped with an automatic fire alarm system” and smoke detectors. It was clarified that in one of the buildings “it was allowed to install gas cylinders on the evacuation routes.” The documentation also notes that “the head of the organization does not ensure the elimination of damage to thick-layer sprayed compounds, fire-retardant coatings, plaster, cladding with slab, sheet and other fire-retardant materials.”

Other supervisory authorities also had claims against the Gamaleya center.

So, in November 2019, the Rospotrebnadzor department found that in a number of laboratories “there is no division into clean and infectious zones.” […]

The attitude towards people is also illustrated by the result of the inspection by the Federal Biomedical Agency’s Office No. 1 dated March 2020. Then they checked the fulfillment of obligations under the act of December 2019, but, alas, four months later, the Ministry of Health found that the Gamaleya Center did not fulfill its obligation to suspend operation at night of equipment for cooling water: a dry cooling tower… “which is a source of noise exceeding the maximum permissible levels (MPL) in apartments of houses located in the immediate vicinity of the territory of the Federal State Budgetary Institution.”

This is the world’s leading research institution?

A torture dungeon or the Gamaleya Center? Maybe both.

We are genuinely embarrassed for people who continue to shill this massive scam.

And we’re blogging about Chubais next. That guy blows.

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