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Researcher sounds alarm after finding PARASITES, nanobots and graphene in COVID-19 vaccines

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(Natural News) American physician and researcher Dr. Carrie Madej has found multiple dangerous substances in the COVID-19 vaccines, including graphene oxide, nanobots and living organisms.

During an interview with Spanish journalists and commentators on El Arconte, Madej revealed that she was able to detect “the organism Hydra vulgaris and similar organisms” in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Hydra vulgaris is a very small freshwater polyp. It can grow to between 10 to 30 millimeters long and about one millimeter wide. One terrifying yet compelling feature of this organism is that, as Madej herself pointed out, it is functionally immortal.

“This is a favorite organism of transhumanists because, in the lab, it’s immortal. It doesn’t die. And transhumanists want to be immortal,” she said.

In a different interview, Madej noted that transhumanists like to conduct endless studies on the hydra. “They feel that this is an amazing organism for humanity. It’s immortal in the lab setting. It continuously produces its own stem cells.”

“It never stops. You can chop it up into little bits, put it in a petri dish and it forms itself again and again,” she continued. “They’re thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could put this inside of a human body’s genome, and then if your hand was chopped off by a trauma, you could grow a new hand?”

Madej explained during her interview with El Arconte that, given this instance of functional immortality found in nature, transhumanists do not believe it to be too far-fetched to reproduce immortality in human beings.

Furthermore, Madej said the transhumanists responsible for inserting the hydra into the COVID-19 vaccines are also somehow able to control them remotely.

“They’re able to use them remotely and influence the parasites, which can produce neuropeptides, toxins, all kinds of things,” explained Madej. “So what they’re doing is remotely controlling, let’s say, a fish with the parasite in it and making the fish move or do something.”

It is still unclear if this ability to control organisms that are hosts of the parasites in the vaccines has transferred to humans, but Madej explained that the transhumanists are working on this technology. (Related: Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines contain nanotechnology to track people, scientists say.)

“I don’t know why we’re seeing the hydra in these vials. I don’t know. All I know is to look at the research from the transhumanists to see what they’re doing with it, and the [three] things that they’re interested in are immortality, regeneration … and also the ability to remotely control something,” said Madej.

Nanobots, graphene also found in COVID-19 vaccines

Madej also warned that she may have seen nanobots in the vaccines during her research.

“I have many videos and photos to share … and one of the videos showed what I believe to be a nanobot,” she said. “Also there were many round objects that look to be filled with substances that would be released in the fluid over time. So there are delivery substances looking like a hydrogel.”

Along with all of these substances, Maden confirmed that she has also seen graphene in the vaccines – a fact confirmed by many other research teams around the world.

“This is not just me saying this. We have different countries saying this. Poland, South Africa, Italy and, of course, Spain. We have many things that we’re seeing in these vials. I have seen graphene-like substances as well … but they’re different. They’re not the same,” said Madej.

“This isn’t science. This isn’t good science. This isn’t good medicine. We’re being lied to and we’re being experimented on,” said Madej. “I just think that we have these mad scientists, these psychopaths in charge, and they should not be in charge anymore. And they’re experimenting on us.”

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Watch this clip of Dr. Carrie Madej talking about the substances she saw when she examined the COVID-19 vaccines.

This video is from the FalconsCAFE Sharing is caring channel on

Learn more about the dangerous substances found in COVID-19 vaccines at

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