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Recent Videos by Dr Vernon Coleman – discussing Governments War on Cancer Patients… & more

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The British Government claims it has declared war on cancer and promises a cure in 10 years with a new vaccine. Dr Vernon Coleman explains why this is yet another fraud and why the Government has in fact declared war on patients with cancer.

Myocarditis Cover-up Exposed

This is video 303 and it’s February 2022.

Back in December 2020 I warned that the mRNA covid jabs could cause a huge number of serious adverse events – including myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes.

The warning, the first in the world I believe, was largely ignored. Doctors sneered and ignored it and fact checkers denied it – even though the warning was based on evidence from the American Government.

And then a few months ago I revealed evidence proving the link between the covid jabs and myocarditis.

The video had over a million views on Brand New Tube alone.

Once again, however, the mainstream media ignored the evidence.

Now at last the mainstream media can no longer ignore what is happening.

Sports professionals, as fit as you can get, have been dropping down with heart trouble. There are so many heart problems among school children that there is a call to put defibrillators in all schools.

But the mainstream media is not, as you might expect, warning that the covid jabs are causing myocarditis and heart attacks.

They’ve found other, sometimes bizarre, explanations for this new epidemic of heart disease.

The Evening Standard in London says that up to 300,000 people are facing heart related illnesses due to something called Post Pandemic Stress Disorder. It’s even got an acronym PPSD so you know it’s real.

Tahir Hussain, a surgeon, is quoted as saying he has recently seen a big increase in thrombotic related vascular conditions.

I bet he has.

Thrombotic related vascular conditions are a known problem with the covid jabs.

‘Wales online’ reports that TV doctor Amir Khan, whom I have dealt with in a video before, says that the huge increase in energy prices is responsible for the increase in heart attacks and strokes. If it were the 1st of April I would think this an April Fool’s joke.

Maybe Khan would like to debate this and other covid issues with me on one of his live TV appearances. Or maybe he wouldn’t.

The Daily Record says that paracetamol, the painkiller, increases heart attack risks and the risk of strokes. So maybe that’s what’s causing all those footballers to fall down.

On the other hand the Daily Express could be right. They had a headline which read: ‘Heart attacks: Does skipping breakfast increase your risk?’

The Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka says the Delta variant of covid can cause heart trouble in patients with no previous history of problems.

And the Daily Mirror in the UK says there is now a new miracle jab to save 1000s of lives by preventing heart attacks. Make ‘em ill with one jab and mend ‘em with another. That’s pretty standard drug company policy. The Mirror seems to have become very fond of the drug industry these days.

ABC7 in Los Angeles reports that doctors have warned that Super Bowl games may trigger heart attacks – though doesn’t explain the heart attacks which happen between Super Bowl games and to be honest with you I’m doubtful that all those people collapsing with myocarditis are sick because of a Super Bowl game disappointment. But you have to give them points for trying.

The Mayo Clinic in the US says that stress and chaos can cause heart disease. Well, wow. I first pointed that out in 1978 in a book called Stress Control. I was widely vilified for saying that. But now it seems stress is running amok.

The Sun reports that the weather can cause heart attacks. I bet the climate change cultists love that one.

It’s even been argued that all the heart attacks are caused by people eating too much good food.

And there is word that vitamin D shortages can cause problems. Interestingly, I made a video about that very early on. YouTube took it down of course, presumably because it might have saved lives.

Scientific American says that covid-19 can lead to heart damage among people with no symptoms at all. Nothing. Secretly. And the big problem is myocarditis. Gosh.

National Geographic says that covid can cause heart palpitations, chest pain and blood clots.

And Bayer, a drug company, argues that long covid increases heart trouble.

Now that’s interesting because a French study of 26,000 people suggested that the symptoms of Long Covid are actually caused by things other than covid – and are largely psychological. Even the wretched fact checkers agree with that.

Which makes the report that 25% of companies now say that Long Covid is a major cause of long term staff absence rather interesting.

What a surprise. People who took a year off on full pay now don’t want to go back to work. And they’re blaming Long Covid for all those attacks of myocarditis and other heart problems.

We mustn’t call Long Covid malingering of course. Even if it largely is.

Governments don’t care. It’s all part of the Great Reset plan to destroy the global economy. The bottom line is that alleged Long Covid sufferers are helping the conspirators.

The amazing thing is that despite all these sometimes bizarre theories, as far as I know not one major newspaper, TV station or radio station anywhere in the world has admitted that all these heart troubles, strokes and other illnesses are caused by the damned jabs.

If you know anyone who doubts that the jabs are causing the heart trouble ask them to take a look at two videos.

First the one I made in December 2020 warning that there would be big problems with myocarditis etc.

And second, the one I made last year proving the link between the covid jab and myocarditis. That video was called ‘Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is Murder’ – and that was published on 22nd November 2021.

There are links in the box below to both videos.

Those who work for the mainstream media will, I suspect, continue to prefer to suppress the truth – that the covid jabs are responsible for all this heart trouble – and keep thinking up bizarre reasons for the epidemic of heart disease suddenly sweeping the world.

How about this.

All the people who’ve had heart trouble in the last year have worn shoes.

What do you think, Dr Khan? Could wearing shoes be causing all the heart trouble?

Or maybe watching you on the TV is making people sick?

Vernon Coleman’s novel ‘Balancing the Books’ is available as an eBook and a paperback. It’s a black comedy about a widow who avenges her husband’s suicide by killing the people she believes were responsible. He was an author and the people she kills were all online reviewers. The ways she kills them are most imaginative…

It’s Time to be Terrified

Dr Vernon Coleman has a medical degree, worked as a GP and is the world’s leading expert on iatrogenesis and drug side-effects. For more truths visit

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