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Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency vs. FDA… the transcript. Read it.

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This transcript is a vital public document – better than Amber and Johnny Depp’s! I should know. No offense to J and A.

By Jessica Rose

It’s so good. It’s only 56 pages. Even though it would take someone working at the FDA ~19 days to read this, by their own calculation, it will only take you an hour. I read very slowly, and I read the 56 pages in less than an hour. That’s about 1 minute per page! Wait now, a page per minute. That’s a lot faster than 3 pages in 108 days! By the way FDA, do you know that you can scan documents for keywords, even pdfs, using control F?

But yet, despite over 108 days passing, they have only produced, on average, a few pages per day to the doctors group of those 400,000 documents to date.

In the matter of PUBLIC HEALTH AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS FOR TRANSPARENCY vs. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION; CASE NO. 4:21-CV-01058-P, I find the Defendant sent by the FDA in place of an actual FDA member, Antonia Konkoly, a “very, very disappoint[ing]” choice.

THE COURT: How long is that going to take, ma’am (speaking to Antonia Konkoly)? How long — and I’d like to note, I’m very, very disappointed that no one from the FDA bothered showing up for this.

As are we, honorable Judge. As are we. You feel a sample of our frustration here and that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

Here are some samplers from the transcript that you can find here.

Case 4:21-cv-01058-P Document 34 Filed 12/16/21 Page 44 of 56 PageID 1702. Page 44.

And one more. The blue text inserted in the black outlined text box area is my text. I needed to be sarcastic. I just couldn’t help myself.

Case 4:21-cv-01058-P Document 34 Filed 12/16/21 Page 38 of 56 PageID 1696. Page 38.

And one more. The blue text, again, inserted in the black outlined text box area is mine.

Case 4:21-cv-01058-P Document 34 Filed 12/16/21 Page 38 of 56 PageID 1696. Page 38.

Screenshots? Screenshots? This is worse than we ever could have imagined! Why the hell aren’t the documents stored in a database? This isn’t bloody high school! It’s not a disorganized hot mess in a lab that never gets audited. This is the bloody FDA! The organization in charge of our health care and safety! And they don’t have the Pfizer documentation from the clinical trials organized into a database!?

I know for a fact, because I am one of the people sifting through this released data, that the files can be organized into a readable/analyzable database. It IS possible. We have a database of the files. My colleagues made one. It didn’t even take long. But, this is only representative of the few files released to date.

They are LYING. They are WASTING our MONEY AND TIME.

MR. SIRI: Certainly if this were a request by Pfizer that related to getting the vaccine license, I would imagine they would get it done. Over the course of the last year, the FDA, the Federal health authorities, have given Pfizer millions of dollars per day of taxpayer money.

THE COURT: I think you bring up a good point. And I do apologize for interrupting.

They have the expertise. They cannot tell anyone in data analytics, or anyone with a bloody job for Christ’s sake, that they are having too much trouble responding to the simple request of releasing the safety data from the trial expediently (within 90 days – say). Sorry. I don’t buy it. If I was that judge, I would shut down the FDA. And I would bet that the number of cancer patients who were denied care and subsequently died during this insane, reckless and dare I say, stupid ‘lock-down’-2-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve insanity, far outnumbers (by a huge margin) any deaths or damages that would result to cancer patients by a court-ordered shut-down of the FDA. And I would also bet that we certainly would not lose any alleged opportunity of a cure for cancer. That’s just hilarious to think about when you consider that cancer is a metabolic disorder. But, I digress.

THE COURT: The only question I have in my mind is when and how it can be done in a manner in which I’m not shutting down the entire FDA. I mean, what if there’s a pending request for a drug that’s going to cure cancer, and I have to enter an order that 19,000 people at the FDA have to go and review information for privilege and we don’t get a cure for cancer. And in the meantime, we’re fighting over the documents underlying COVID-19, which as bad as it is, certainly — what is the survival rate of COVID-19, 99.5%?

Actually, it’s even higher than that, your honor, especially if we correctly calculate the survival rate.1

Thank you Aaron Siri. Thank you honorable Mark T. Pittman. You seem like a nice person. Thank you stenographer Monica Willenburg Guzman.

Thank you to all the people decoding this data and simply trying to make this data – relevant to every single human being alive right now – available for review and analysis.


Bengt A. Nohrman (1953) Survival Rate Calculation, Acta Radiologica, 39:1, 78-82, DOI: 10.3109/00016925309136688.

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