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Nurses say patients don’t die from covid, they die from the treatment

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Whistleblower #0132
ERT Medic
Workplace registration verified ✅

I’ve had my 1st Pfizer vaccination so I can continue to work and support my family.
My wife had her 1st vaccination (Moderna) and had serious health issues with unknown long-term side effects.

On the site I work I had seen 9 people with various side effects from vaccines in one rotation. One in particular was a 27yo F who was suffering many of the same health issues my wife had done. This patient had to be transferred through two hospitals for urgent critical care.

Unfortunately I will need to have my 2nd vaccine so I can continue to pay our honour our loan payments whilst helping my wife where I can money wise, as she can’t work due to the ongoing effects. I had some health effects to my 1st as I’m Type 1 diabetic on insulin and my blood sugar levels went erratic for weeks post-vaccination.


Whistleblower #0131
Clinical Psychologist
Workplace registration verified ✅

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 5 years experience working in mental health as well as a range of community-service based roles. I have been involved in research, and have published several peer-reviewed papers in international journals.
I currently work in private practice, and have observed the following issues in children and teens during the NSW lockdowns and since the lockdowns ended:

• Children are afraid that their parents will force them to get the vaccine
•  Teenagers have been deprived of their social contacts by parents who have been terrified of them getting the virus and passing it to family members. This has resulted in some teenagers turning to smoking, alcohol use, and delinquency, in order to cope with the social isolation
• Children are afraid of their teachers, as they find it difficult to interpret the teachers facial expressions behind the masks. Some children do not know when their teacher is happy or angry
• Teenagers are reporting exhaustion due to wearing the masks, and that they don’t want to go to school anymore due to the masks. Some have asked their parents if they can do schooling part-time
• Many teenagers are reporting feelings of hopelessness about the future, as well as suicidal ideation

In addition to my observations in private practice, I am concerned that many seemingly healthy people continue to wear cloth face masks when outdoors. There is no apparent health benefit of this, and it appears that people have become accustomed to wearing them without question. This could have marked impact on social relationships.

With regards to the vaccine rollout, the vast majority of my patients took the vaccine in order to get their freedoms back. It is rare that someone will say they got it for health reasons.

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