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New research turns up yet more potential mRNA vaccine dangers

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By Alex Berenson

A preprint in Cell finds vaccine-driven original antigenic sin is deeply powerful. Also: vaccine-generated spike protein circulates in the blood and vaccine mRNA persists for months in lymph nodes.

mRNA from the Pfizer and Moderna shots can be found in lymph nodes for at least 60 days after injection.

Free-floating spike proteins circulate at high levels in the blood after vaccination.

Vaccinated people infected with variants of Sars-Cov-2 produce antibodies biased toward the original and now extinct variant – rather than the one that has actually infected them.

Conspiracy theories from Dr. Kennedy-Mercola’s We Hate Vaxxxines Digest?


Findings from a preprint in Cell, among the world’s leading scientific journals. Almost 50 researchers worldwide collaborated on the work, which Cell released online two weeks ago.

The preprint has received little attention, possibly because it discusses the potential implications of its findings only obliquely. In discussing the fact that the mRNA hamper the immune response to new variants, the researchers offer extra doses as a potential solution, for example:

Additional booster doses may be able to compensate for relatively decreased binding to new viral variant antigens, potentially decreasing the public health impact of antibody response imprinting.

Nonetheless, the preprint’s findings destroy comforting fictions about the mRNA shots, including that the body quickly destroys the genetic material in the jabs – as Reuters and other “fact-checkers” have long insisted.

In fact, researchers found vaccine mRNA in the germinal centers of lymph nodes for 60 days after the shots (as long as they checked).

The germinal centers play a crucial role in the immune system, where B-cells – which help produce long-term immunity – mature and learn to make antibodies to infection more efficiently.

The researchers also reported finding vaccine mRNA outside the germinal centers, though rarely.

The mRNA shots cause the body to make huge amounts of spike protein. Vaccine advocates have generally argued that those proteins remain bound to the cells where they were produced.

But the researchers also said they had found spike protein in the blood following mRNA shots at levels as high as those produced by coronavirus infection itself:

At least some portion of spike antigen generated after administration of BNT162b2 becomes distributed into the blood. We detected spike antigen in 96% of vaccinees in plasma collected one to two days after the prime injection, with antigen levels reaching as high as 174 pg/mL. The range of spike antigen concentrations in the blood of vaccinees at this early time point largely overlaps with the range of spike antigen concentrations reported in plasma in a study of acute infection.

Aside from that, everything is fine and we have nothing to worry about.


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