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New report: Covid vaccines do not stop Covid spread

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CALGARY:  A new report titled, “Covid Vaccines Do Not Stop Covid Spread was released today by the Justice Centre. The document analyzes the current data, and demonstrates that the Covid vaccines fail to stop transmission, as attested to by vaccine manufacturers themselves, and by government officials.

The report documents that highly vaccinated countries like Israel, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar continue to have cases and deaths from Covid and its variants. Gibraltar, where vaccine rates are boasted to be over 100% (vis-a-vis foreign workers who enter and leave this small country), has had government officials cancel public Christmas celebrations due to surging Covid case numbers amongst fully vaccinated citizens.

Government officials and health authorities have publicly admitted that the new Covid vaccines were never intended to stop the spread of the virus but only attempt to reduce severe symptoms.

The Public Health Agency of Canada confirms that as of November 20,2021 there have been 76,925 Covid cases among fully vaccinated (defined by health authorities as having had two Covid vaccines more than 14 days previously, or one dose of a single-series vaccine). Canadians and another 51,277 Covid cases among those who had received one shot. More than 1,600 ‘fully vaccinated’ Canadians have died after contracting Covid.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms requires governments to produce compelling evidence to justify their violation of Charter freedoms to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship. The  Charter right to bodily autonomy includes the right to refuse new Covid vaccines, which have not been subjected to long-term safety testing.

“In order to justify a mandatory vaccination policy and vaccine ‘passports’ which violate the medical principle of free and informed consent and Canadians’ Charter protected rights and freedoms, the government would have to prove that vaccines stop the spread of the virus. They have not done so,” states lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre.

Since the implementation of mandatory vaccine ‘passports’, thousands of Canadian citizens have been forced out of employment, banned from universities, and have even been threatened with denial of life-saving organ donations.

“Why should an irreversible medical treatment and vaccine passports be mandatory if they do not stop the spread of Covid? There is no justification for government policies based on the false notion that the new vaccines stop the spread of Covid,” states Mr. Carpay.

“Vaccine passports have created a medical apartheid in Canada. We now live in a two-tiered society. This government-sanctioned discrimination has no place in a free and democratic country. The whole notion of vaccine passports is based on ideology, not science,” concludes Mr. Carpay.

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