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More than 66% of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions

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Another holocaust is happening to the Jewish people, this time at the hands of Tony Fauci, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Albert Bourla of Pfizer and every other jab-pushing globalist who foisted Covid-19 “vaccines” on them and the rest of the world.

Natural News – According to new reports, the vast majority of “fully vaccinated” Israelis are now suffering adverse reactions, many of them serious, because of the injections. The bodies are piling up, in other words.

Israel’s Ministry of Health published data from a recent survey showing that more than 66 percent of the people in Israel who got fully injected, then “boosted,” suffered some kind of reaction to the shots that has made living normal life much more difficult.

Some 2,049 citizens were asked three to four weeks after getting a third “dose” of a Fauci Flu shot how they feel now. Most of them revealed that they feel terrible, and roughly half of them say that carrying out normal, everyday activities is now exceptionally difficult.

The survey was conducted by phone back in September and October of 2021. Only people aged 18 and over who had recently been jabbed with a third covid needle within a period of 21 to 30 days after getting the first two needles were included in the results.

The adverse events reported from this demographic ranged from mild to serious. Many of the women, for instance, said they now suffer menstrual irregularities, while some have even had to be hospitalized. The most jab-injured respondents, it turns out, were women and young people.

“The most common side effects among women were menstrual irregularities,” reported LifeSiteNews.

“The most reported symptoms were delays in menstruation (37.8%), increase in menstrual bleeding (31.1%), premature menstruation (28.9%), longer bleeding duration (26.7%), and severe menstrual pains (20%).”

Covid “vaccines” killed 260 times more young people than would have died if everyone stayed unvaccinated

Israel, as we reported last year, imposed one of the most aggressive jab mandates in the world. The country also issued a “green pass” to verify proof of injection as a condition of entry into theaters, restaurants and other public venues.

Israelis have been told that they now need to get “boosted” pretty much forever in order to stay “protected” against the Wuhan Infection. And now, the consequences of this policy are coming on like a whipsaw.

“Israel was one of the first countries in the world to launch a national booster vaccination campaign; it began in August of last year,” LifeSiteNews added.

“Nevertheless, so-called ‘breakthrough’ infections continued to occur among those who received the top-up jabs.”

Within the first week of Israel’s booster campaign, the government there reported that 14 people who rushed out to obey as part of the initial “wave” of compliance immediately tested “positive” for covid afterwards. Since that time, serious injuries and deaths among boosted Israelis have soared.

Another recent study found that the death rate among elderly people who got jabbed with the Pfizer mRNA shot is 40 times higher than what it would have been had everyone remained unvaccinated.

The same dataset revealed that the death rate among young people is even higher, clocking in at 260 times higher than it would have been had all young people left their immune systems alone.

“75 years later … Truth is stranger than fiction,” wrote someone in response to an article about this latter study, referring to the Holocaust of World War II.

“Of all the nations on the planet, I would never have guessed that Israel would force its citizens to take genetic manipulation – euphemistically referred to as the ‘vaccine,’ or be treated like lepers. Bring on the cattle trucks!”

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