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“Monkeypox” may only be a big distraction from what’s really coming, once 5G is ready to be used (against the “vaccinated”)

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Dr. Rashid Buttar gives us a fair warning that it would be grievous folly NOT to send to everyone we know

By Mark Crispin Miller

In this video, after an 8-minute trailer for Plandemic 3, Dr. Buttar launches into a harrowing prediction, based on tips from trusted insiders, of what’s to come. Since he’s been right so far (early on, he took a world of heat for doubting that “the virus” had passed naturally from bats to humans), we should listen carefully to what he’s saying now: that the “vaccines” contain sleeper cells, set to be awakened (sometime this year, he estimates) by three 60-second 5G signals, which will activate the Marburg virus, and other pathogens that will kill “vaccinated” people by the millions, whereupon the WHO and CDC will move to “save” the rest of us by taking over totally and (they intend) forever.

What to do? Having long shouted himself hoarse to warn as many people as might hear him not to get injected, as the toll of “vaccination” keeps on spiking Dr. Buttar is by now too bitter to waste any further tears on those who got the jab, and is focusing instead on the “unvaccinated,” and the urgent need for them to keep their immune systems strong, since they are at far less risk than those who have rolled up their sleeves as ordered. (It isn’t clear if he thinks those who’ve had just one shot, and/or no boosters, are as doomed as those whose “vaccine” cards are full.) Somewhat confusingly, he also implies that there are, or may be, effective treatments for the “vaccinated,” too—as we all hope there are, and as we’re morally obliged to tell as many people as we can, however we may feel about their “vaccination” status. Specifically, Dr. Buttar stresses the by-now safety and effectiveness of Ivermectin, hinting that we all should have that a good supply of that old wonder drug at hand.

Having watched Dr. Buttar’s grim presentation, you might then want to read this latest piece in OffGuardian, as well as Dr. Robert Malone’s new riff, about the looming monkeypox, and the high likelihood that this new scare is only that—a second blast of fear pornography from “our free press,” in furtherance of the globalist campaign to keep us in blind panic, eyes wide shut, on our knees.

Both these pieces are, as usual, acute and well-informed; but we would probably do well not to tell ourselves, and everybody else, that the Next Big Killer Pathogen(s) will only be sheer fantasy; for Dr. Buttar’s horrible scenario is eminently plausible, and perfectly in line with (e.g.) Bill Gates’ gleeful assurances that something even worse is on the way, and will “get [our] attention” when it comes. Obviously not devised to “keep us safe,” all that microscopic hardware in the shots, and the other lethal junk secreted into them, are clearly there for some fell purpose, as Dr. Buttar argues; so we should all err on the side of further caution, keep ourselves as healthy as we can, spread the word about whatever remedies just might protect the “vaccinated” from the error of their ways, and, meanwhile, keep on telling everyone the awful truth about this “vaccination” drive, so that all those still capable of waking up will do so at long last, and stand with us against the powers that did this to us all.

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