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License to kill

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There’s no doubt about it: the vaccine companies have a license to kill. They can kill as many people as they want and nobody in America is going to stop them. It’s all perfectly legal.

By Steve Kirsch

The most frustrating thing about this pandemic is that there is no doubt that the drug companies have killed over 150,000 Americans, yet nobody with authority to stop these vaccines wants to talk about the evidence. The vaccine program is done under the pretext of saving 10,000 lives (the Pfizer Phase 3 trial showed the drug saved approximately one COVID life for every 22,000 people fully vaccinated for the COVID variants existing over 1 year ago), but nobody really wants to look at the excess all-cause mortality caused by the vaccines (aka “the collateral damage”).

Is there a viable cause of action to stop any of this? I haven’t found it.

The law shields the drug companies, and everyone associated with the vaccination process from all liability. They basically have a license to kill.

The CDC should be criminally negligent for not recognizing the obvious safety signals. However, because they are an authority in the minds of the court, they can do no wrong. There is a “reasonable minds may differ” defense here and our courts believe that the CDC has reasonable minds. So how can their be negligence when reasonable minds don’t find a safety signal? It’s the perfect crime. You can literally get away with murder.

People are being killed but nobody is being charged with a crime, AFAIK. Are there any district attorneys or state or federal prosecutors that can find a viable cause of action?

The evidence

The evidence of harm has been hiding in plain sight including:

  1. An estimated reportable adverse event rate of 20% of those fully vaccinated (there are over 200M vaccinated, 1M VAERS reports and VAERS is at least 41X underreported)
  2. An estimated death due to vaccine of over 150K Americans
  3. Embalmers reporting up to 93% of cases have telltale blood clots associated with the vaccine
  4. Blood before/after vaccination is visually very different
  5. Rates of myocarditis as high as 2% (Monte Vista Christian School and a private conversation with a DoD doctor)
  6. Rates of neurological damage as high as 4.5% (Israeli MOH survey).
  7. A minimum of 30% (Peter Schirmacher’s study) to 93% (Bhakdi’s study) of deaths post vaccine attributed to the vaccine
  8. post-marketing survey disclosed by Pfizer consistent with the VAERS data reports
  9. An estimate of deaths and URF by Joel Smalley using death data in Massachusetts that confirms earlier numbers (Joel calculated a URF of 41, matching mine exactly as well as a deaths per million doses (dpmd) of 945 which is even higher than the 411 dpmd calculated by Mathew Crawford).
  10. The Skidmore paper, “How Many People Died from the Covid-19 Inoculations? An Estimate Based on a Survey of the United States Population,
  11. German insurance company data estimate done by Mathew Crawford yielding an estimate of 120,000 deaths in the US caused by the vaccines
  12. Troubling anecdotal reports

More recently, we now also have evidence of reverse transcription in vitro which is troubling because the CDC assured us that this could not happen. We don’t know the in vivo rates. In plain English, in test tube experiments, part of the gene sequence from the vaccine is getting incorporated into our DNA which is extremely troubling to everyone because it is never supposed to happen. This can permanently alter the human genome and likely not in a good way. Rather than halt the vaccines while this is investigated, we do the opposite and encourage or mandate additional doses. It’s even more tragic when it is being done on our kids by their schools.

One final data point is that I have an open bet of $1M that over 1,000 people have been killed by these vaccines making them officially the most deadly vaccine in US history and too unsafe to use.

The point of the bet is to show that nobody in the world has any confidence at all that the vaccines are really safe. Otherwise, they’d take my money on a “sure thing” bet.

The question

It seems pretty clear that the people in charge are never going to voluntarily stop killing people.

Is there a way to hold these people criminally liable? That seems to be our best option.

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