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Joe Rogan: The Censorship Is Crazy—The Tech Oligarchs Want to Keep Us Divided at All Costs

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Bret Weinstein created an account called Unity 2020, and the idea was to bring reasonable people from the left and right together. Nothing objectionable was said, but Twitter banned that account.

“The idea that you, the f*cking tech dorks, are gonna step in and say, ‘No! This is dangerous thinking!’ “

Joe Rogan: Those Who Were Factually Correct About COVID Were Deplatformed for ‘Disinformation’

“There were people that were banned from social networks for suggesting that people who were vaccinated can still spread COVID. That turns out to be absolute fact now, but if you said that 8 months ago, 9 months ago, (you would be deplatformed).”

Full Episode

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