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Futuristic Gene Therapy: Jab-free Jab Trial Begins in UK for COVID-19 Vaccine Targeting Future Variants

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A trial has begun of a new needle-free COVID-19 vaccine called DIOS-CoVax is apparently designed to protect against future variants of SARS-CoV-2, in addition to other coronaviruses.

The experimental vaccine—developed by Professor Jonathan Heeney of Cambridge University and chief executive of DIOSynVax—uses a jet of air to push it through the skin rather than a needle.

Heeney said: “As new variants emerge and immunity begins to wane we need newer technologies.”

“It’s vital that we continue to develop new generation vaccine candidates ready to help keep us safe from the next virus threats,” he added.

“It is the first step towards a universal coronavirus vaccine we are developing, protecting us not just from COVID-19 variants but from future coronaviruses.”

See for yourself what the World Economic Forum has been planning. They don’t even try and hide it

If the COVID booster shots don’t kill people, the “Bubble Gun” may just do the trick. The World Economic Forum posted this video last month. The creator hopes to shoot people in the arm painlessly using a laser to heat glass that contains vaccine liquid which will then be injected into people at 100kmh. It will help tackle vaccine hesitancy according to a study done by Gavi which is ran by Bill Gates.

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