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Israel is Afraid of Dr. Robert Malone’s Influence on Israeli Parents Considering COVID-19 Vaccination for Their Kids

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Dr. Robert Malone is noted as being one of the creators of the mRNA technology upon which some of the COVID-19 vaccines are based upon. His name can be seen on the patent here. The Pfizer shot, which is used in Israel, is also based on this mRNA vaccine technology.

Even though Dr. Malone took the COVID-19 vaccine himself, he released a video message specifically to parents warning against administering the mRNA injection to children.

It seems that Dr. Malone’s warnings about the shot for kids has made Israel’s Ministry of Health so concerned that it put out a long “debunking Dr. Malone” post on Facebook . While the Ministry of Health post tries to discredit him, a vast majority of the comments are calling out the government as lying to the public.

Ever since he went public with his concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine, it seems there has been a targeted character assassination against him, including on the internet, to discredit his connection to inventing the mRNA vaccine technology.

Check out this web archive of Wikipedia on the MRNA vaccine technology and look at the history section details about his central role as one of the inventors. Now look at that same Wikipedia entry today.

One can see quite clearly that Dr. Malone’s role has been scrubbed from the entry to rewrite history and discredit him.

Translation of the ‘very long’ Facebook postdebunking Robert Malone”:

It is very important to spread this post!

In recent days, a misleading video by a man named Robert Malone has been circulating, who has been spreading misinformation and lies from the beginning of the pandemic. So that you or your loved ones don’t fall into the trap of believing conspiracy theories, let’s break down the fake news and disseminate real scientific information. A bit long but an important read.

TL;DR: He’s not the inventor of mRNA technology or the corona vaccine and he has spread fake news since the beginning of the pandemic.

One of the most prominent fake news distributors on the coronavirus pandemic is Robert Malone, who is typically presented as the inventor of mRNA technology and therefore paved the way for mRNA vaccine technology. I want to put a stop to this and so let’s start with the claims he’s presenting in his new viral video.

Spike protein injections are toxic –

What is injected is an RNA section that is aimed at creating the viral spike protein – the same protein that is responsible for the infection. This means that the vaccine actually “teaches” a small part of our cells to temporarily produce the protein so that the immune system reacts against it. Similar to the virus.

The RNA is naturally disintegrated in a short time and the immune system learns the protein and combats it—similar to how it reacts when the virus invades.

Hundreds of millions of people have already received this vaccine and billions more have received a vaccine with similar technology (AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, and a number of other companies from India and Russia) and no additional mortality was identified among the vaccinated—the inverse was actually true—among those infected with corona, additional mortality was identified.

The exact same protein is manufactured in our cells when the virus invades them. So far, the official numbers say that hundreds of millions of people have been infected in the world, so how is it better to be infected with a virus? For the sake of doubt, severe disease was not caused by poisoning or another protein from the vaccines.

Thespike protein is one of the causes that make the coronavirus so contagious and that’s why the vaccine is aimed at suppressing it. The vaccine and some of the treatments are directed specifically at these spike proteins to neutralise the virus before it causes damage.

He then presents a list of irreversible damage in bodily systems:

– The brain and the nervous system – FALSE!

– The heart and blood vessels including blood clots – FALSE!

– The reproductive system – FALSE!

– The vaccine “changing” the immune system – FALSE!

There is no evidence or indication of brain damage from the vaccine. There is no evidence or indications of long-term damage to the heart and changes to the immune system from the vaccine. As a matter of fact, if this were true we would see people getting more diseases after vaccination.

Vascular and heart damage is something the virus does cause. Now he will stand up and shout myocarditis and how it was caused by the vaccine.

There are also indications that some people experience adverse effects in the brain as a result of the virus, yet it is not clear what this means at this time.

Then he claims that the vaccine increases the damage from the disease, which is also fake news and there are plenty of studies that prove this, including an excellent study by Professor Ren Blitzer.

He further refers to the fact that the technology has not been tested thoroughly. This is a relatively new technology, but it has been tested in several clinical trials over the past two decades and beyond that, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been given an extra measure of safety from the vaccines.

In terms of the fear of long-term damage from vaccination, this is very unlikely and there is nothing to fear. Long-term side effects are something that doesn’t happen in vaccines. And the rare side effects of the vaccine have been quickly identified.

It is important to remember, exposure to the virus takes time and the vaccine gives the body early information about the virus and allows it to fight it effectively, not if it happens but when it happens.

Now let’s talk for a moment about Robert Malone, he was involved in technology development in cells and frogs somewhere in the late 1980s as a student. That’s it. He’s not the inventor of mRNA, he didn’t develop the corona vaccine, he was—at best—a star that burned brightly but also very quickly, and the information he gives is not safe, taking into account the testimonies of people who worked with him.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has been busy inventing rumors and spreading disinformation. Try looking up “Robert Malone fact check” and see for yourself how many times his lies have been spilled.

What Robert Malone is, is a man who spreads lies that hurt people. Don’t spread his lies. Don’t follow people who spread his lies and please pin this post everywhere his name comes up.

There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet. Check your sources of information and don’t believe every video or post you come across. Your medical decisions should be made using evidence-based science. If you have any doubt, Google it and see if there are any right-wing sources that confirm it.

Scientific counseling: Dr. Erez Garty, Immunologist from the Davidson Institute for Scientific Education

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