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Is there something more sinister than money behind the “new HIV” scare?

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Although any “public health crisis” is big bucks for big pharma, the drive behind a “new AIDS variant” maybe more than greed.

Off Guardian – Just yesterday we ran a story highlighting the sudden shift in news coverage, away from Covid and towards HIV/AIDS.

In brief, testing drives and government vows to “end the AIDS epidemic” accompanied news of a scary “new variant”. We won’t detail it all again, you can read it here.

Our article reasoned that this was likely just a play to keep people scared, and sell a lot of mRNA “vaccines”, and while that is definitely a factor, further research has shown other potential angles to take on this story.

Whilst there’s not enough information to form any definite conclusions there are some very interesting questions to be asked and theories to consider.

Firstly, there’s the idea that the “scary new AIDS variant” is not just a phantom used to sell vaccines, as COVID has always seemed to be, but could actually be a cover for illnesses and injuries caused by the vaccines themselves.

A study in the Lancet in October 2021 claimed the Covid “vaccines” could lead to what they called “VAIDS”, Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. If this research is correct millions upon millions of people could become ill, and soon.

We have already seen a plethora of predictions of increases in strokes and heart attacks, all attributed to very much non-vaccine causes. Everything from increased energy prices to lockdown-related depression has been blamed.

That certainly appears to be pre-emptive ass-covering behaviour. And this “new variant” of AIDS could be too.

If the Covid “vaccines” cause millions of people to suddenly develop dysfunctional immune systems, a “more dangerous new strain of AIDS” is a pretty good cover story, don’t you think?

Again, there’s no direct evidence of this being the case yet, but it’s certainly possible.

In October 2020 one group of researchers, quoted in Forbes, warned that any potential Covid “vaccine” could increase your risk of being infected with HIV.

One of the few abandoned Covid vaccine candidates, from the University of Queensland, actually used a protein from HIV as a “molecular clamp” to bind their artificial spike proteins together, the researchers claimed. This potential “vaccine” was apparently discarded after test subjects returned “false positives” on HIV tests.

I don’t want to get into the AIDS/HIV debate here (or in the comments) – but whatever your position on that issue, you must concede there is something potentially quite odd going on here.

Another fact to consider: The death of Dr Luc Montagnier.

Dr Montaigner was a virologist who won a Nobel prize for his work on HIV in 2008, repeatedly spoke out against the vaccines, and stated he believed the spike proteins show similarities to HIV. And yesterday he died.

Now, he was 89 years old, and statistically, when you get to 89 you’re more likely to die than make it to 90, but it is a funny piece of timing nonetheless.

It echoes the death of Dr Kary Mullis, Nobel prize-winning inventor of PCR, who died in late 2019, just months before his invention would be misused to sell a fake pandemic.

Funnily enough, I had actually written 80% of this piece before I saw the most recent episode of New World Next Week, in which James Corbett and James Evan Pilato have a good discussion on this very topic:

OffGuardian’s position has always been that alarmism should be avoided until it is one hundred per cent justified, that “ah scary covid!” and “ah scary vaccines!”, though seeming in conflict, can end up servicing the same narrative.

This is true of the “vaccines can make new variants” line, for example, which though appearing to be counter to the establishment line, subtly reinforced it by maintaining there was a definite disease called “covid”, and it posed a danger to the public.

But we also believe in supplying all the information, and never dismissing any opinion or position if there’s some evidence to back it up, and there are definitely questions to be asked on this issue.

There’s almost certainly going to be big money in HIV tests and AIDS “vaccines” in the future, but it’s possible there could be something even worse than that coming down the road. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But what do you guys think?

  • Is the new AIDS scare for real? Or another Covid phony war?
  • Could it be to cover up vaccine-related harms?
  • If so, is this an intentional plan or an accidental consequence?
  • Will they push for more testing? Why?
  • Is “AIDS screening” a way of monitoring a huge experiment?
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