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Humanitarian flights for Ukraine loaded with weapons | by Kanan Alibayov

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By Kanan Alibayov

Going though my record keeping of significant events on daily bases… here is the fractions of large collection of articles and materials that I have themed important while events were unfolding… Whole corona was geopolitically meditated to begin deep state cleansing process as countries around the world militarily, economically and politicly interconnected to world order. The World order that was settled through WW2 is falling apart as it shapes into new world order backed by new alliance. When that happens world goes through complete identity change as they shape the borders and soft power(education, culture, religion, language, economy etc.)

Airport workers in Italy claim “humanitarian” cargo from Pisa was actually aimed at fuelling the conflict

RT – One of Italy’s largest trade unions has called for a protest outside the Pisa airport on Saturday, after receiving a tip from some employees that Ukraine relief flights were transporting weapons and ammunition, not food and medicine.

Several workers at the Galileo Galilei airport refused to load one of the cargo flights advertised as carrying humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The crates did not contain food and medication but weapons, ammunition and explosives instead, the Unione Sindacale di Base (USB) said in a statement on Monday evening.

“We strongly denounce this outright falsification, which cynically uses ‘humanitarian’ aid as cover to fuel the war in Ukraine,” the USB said. 

The union said the workers refused to load the military supplies as that would lead to the deaths of their colleagues in Ukraine – namely, those working at the bases targeted by Russian missile strikes, where the weapons processed through US and NATO bases in Poland get delivered.

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