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How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all.

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The CDC and Wall St. Journal both say serious side effects from the COVID vaccines are extremely rare. They are lying. But now we have unassailable proof from the Israeli government!

By Steve Kirsch

This article, by Wall Street Journal staff writer Jenny Strasburg (see Covid-19 Vaccines Were Deadly in Rare Cases. Governments Are Now Weighing Compensation) says:

Serious side effects so far have been very rare—estimated at roughly one to 11 per 100,000 doses for some of the more serious harmful reactions identified by regulators in the most-affected age groups, according to U.S. and European government officials and researchers. They include blood clotting, nervous-system disorders and heart problems, all of which also can be caused by Covid itself.

Similarly, a story in The Epoch Times entitled “US Agencies Quietly Studying Reports of Post-Vaccination Neurological Issues” also revealed that there are some side-effects and they are really rare, but the CDC is studying them. That article says this:

The CDC lists only one adverse event as likely having “a causal relationship” with a vaccine. That’s TTS and the Johnson & Johnson shot.

The CDC and Wall St. Journal are both lying to you. Big time.

The truth is the vaccines are an unmitigated disaster. The most dangerous vaccines in human history. They should be immediately halted.

But the mainstream media is completely silent and totally ignored this study because it goes against the narrative.

Here’s the proof… right from the Israeli Ministry of Health

The latest proof of that comes from the Israeli Ministry of Health who did something that no government agency has ever done before: did a proactive survey of people who got the booster (instead of using a passive surveillance system like everyone else does). This is the only way to get true rate data since you know the denominator.

The reason no government ever did this before is because they knew it would show the vaccines were a disaster. So if they never looked, they can plausibly say, “we had no idea.”

Obviously, something went wrong and the government of Israel did a proactive survey, something all governments in the world should have done at the very start of the vaccination program.

For passive surveillance, you are always estimating underreporting factors.

For active surveillance, no estimates are required. You see the real data. The only thing you don’t get is death data because dead people don’t answer their phone.

In this case, 2,068 people provided answers. Could it be biased? Yup. The results at worst could be over stated by a factor of two. And even with that fudge factor it doesn’t matter because the rates are off the charts.

Here is the original report which you can download from the MOH Telegram channel. Here’s the screenshot in case they remove it:

To get the translated report, just go to this article and click the Read Now button and it will download the PDF. It’s a quick read.

For the info behind the study, read this excellent article by Josh Guetzkow.

Highlights of the Israeli report

  1. 0.3% of people reported hospitalization as a result of the adverse event they experienced.
  2. 4.5% of respondents reported neurological problems
  3. Nearly 10% of women under age of 54 had disruptions to their menstrual cycle
  4. About 25% of people with pre-existing auto-immune disorders, depression or anxiety reported a worsening of their symptoms following the booster.

I have a great first-hand data point on neuro issues. I know a neurologist group with 20,000 patients. About 1,000 have new or worsened neurological issues after vaccination. So this is a 5% rate vs. the 4.5% in the study.

So that’s a quick sanity check.

More evidence of side effect rates that are off the charts


68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines

Ivermectin is the better treatment option

We have a better option. A recent paper on Ivermectin shows that Ivermectin was far more effective than the vaccine in preventing death. The effect was so strong that the vaccine was rounding error. I’ll be writing more about that tomorrow.

In general, early treatment protocols are the way to go. They always have been. But the CDC is never going to endorse them. Fareed and Tyson have treated 10,000 COVID cases with no deaths as long as the patients promptly showed up for treatment and took the drugs they were given. ZERO deaths. That’s why the CDC ignores it. The pandemic would be over.

Jamal Edwards is dead at 31

Have you noticed? There sure are a lot of young people dropping dead lately.

The causes of death are always murky. The vaccination status is never mentioned.

The autopsies are rarely done, and when they are done, they are typically not done by anyone who knows how to assess a vaccine death. We never hear from the embalmers either.

We just let people die and not ask any questions. Result: more people die and we simply do not want to know the cause of death.

Summary: The vaccines should be stopped now

The Israeli MOH study is just another nail in the coffin for the vaccine. It shows the vaccines are not safe and should be stopped immediately.

The Israeli MOH study confirms numerous other data points (doctor event reporting rates, VAERS, DMED, life insurance company data, telltale blood clots, huge vaccine victim Facebook groups, the Peter Schirmacher study, and a military doctor who is seeing a 1 in 100 rate of myocarditis post vaccine).

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