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How Google manipulated “Mass formation psychosis” search results after the Malone interview & 12 takeaways as YouTube deletes Viral Joe Rogan Interview With Dr. Robert Malone

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YouTube deletes Viral Joe Rogan Interview With Dr. Robert Malone as Doctor

YouTube removed an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that featured Dr. Robert Malone, one of the people who helped develop the mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines.

The episode was uploaded by an account not affiliated with Joe Rogan. The video wasn’t removed on copyright grounds but was removed for violating “community guidelines,” the YouTube notice states.

During the interview, Malone talked about his ban from Twitter, vaccines, vaccination mandates, and other COVID-related topics.

He criticized the ban from Twitter, questioning if he is not allowed to discuss the vaccines, then who is.

“I try really hard to give people the information and help them to think, not to tell them what to think. Okay? But the point is if I’m not—if it’s not okay for me to be part of the conversation, even though I’m pointing out scientific facts that may be inconvenient, then who is who can be allowed?” Malone said.

The original upload is available on Spotify.

How Google manipulated “Mass formation psychosis” search results after the Malone interview

Note: ‘Mass formation psychosis‘ by is/was in the top 10 twitter search results as of Jan 1. Read (Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative)

By Steve Kirsch

Wow. Mass formation in action. Google caught red-handed manipulating the narrative.

Google has hand manipulated the “mass formation psychosis” search results so that a YouTube video from a gamer who knows nothing at all about the topic is ranked #3 in the search results. The comments on that video are virtually all negative (I couldn’t find a single positive review) and the top two hits are better. All in all, the top 3 hits aren’t anything that anyone would consider to the top 3 references on the topic.

Highly relevant pages like the following are nowhere to be found in Google’s search results. We are being manipulated. You can see this for yourself.

Check out MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Time to switch?

Perhaps it is time to switch to DuckDuckGo or Bing which provide more honest results?

One of my readers pointed this out in Bing’s search results: they had already indexed my article just a few hours after I published it.

Note that Google has already indexed my substack page as well, yet they claim they indexed it 5 days ago (which is 5 days before I wrote it) while Bing is accurate (Jan 2 if you are in EST).

Top 12 takeaways from the Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone interview

(Natural News) One of the most insightful dialogues of 2021 was Joe Rogan’s interview of Dr. Robert Malone (#1757). Dr. Malone invented the mRNA technology that is being used in the experimental covid vaccines. Dr. Malone has developed medical products, drugs and clinical trials. He has worked directly with Dr. Anthony Fauci and scientists at the Centers for Disease Control. However, at this critical moment in history, he refuses to follow along with their vax-all agenda that has quashed medical ethics and destroyed the principles of medical privacy and informed consent.

For not complying, Dr. Malone was banned from Twitter. He was also de-platformed and then re-instated from LinkedIn, for stating the simple fact that the head of Reuters is on the board of Pfizer. (Reuters is used as the end-all, know-all fact checker for Twitter and other social media sites.) Robert Malone vows to continue “telling the truth” — even as the drug companies try to censor his voice.

Here are some major takeaways from the Rogan/Malone interview:

  1. The gain-of-function research behind the development of the bioweapon spike protein ultimately paved the way for the development of a similar, but different spike protein which is currently being used as mRNA instructions in the covid vaccine. The drug companies have an ethical obligation to prove that the spike protein in their vaccine is not toxic, said Malone.
  2. Many people are not acutely injured by the vaccines and some show no adverse effects at all. Rogan asked why. Malone explained that the response curve is due to variances in the individual immune system, including phenotypic/genetic differences.
  3. Malone spoke about the term “anti-vaxxer” which is used to falsely shame people who do not take orders from public health officials. It’s similarly used to socially ostracize anyone who dissents to drug company propaganda. Malone discussed the BBC’s Trusted New Initiative which charges individuals for spreading “misinformation” if they speak out against Tedros, Fauci, or other vaccine propagandists.
  4. Dr. Malone emphasized the trauma that is being imparted in children’s minds, and the subsequent dehumanization, de-socialization and abuse that is being used against children with forced masks and isolation.
  5. When Rogan asked why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were smeared by the media and blocked by the regulatory establishment, Malone said two people were key in this decision. One of them was vaccine promoter Rick Bright, who runs the Pandemic Prevention Institute at The Rockefeller Foundation. Rick Bright used his position as Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to discredit chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, two drugs that displayed a history of safety and effectiveness against SARS-CoV-1.
  6. The other figure who blocked treatments for covid-19 was Janet Woodcock. After she took the helm at the Food and Drug Administration on January 20, 2021, she used the agency to mock ivermectin and contort its proper use in humans with its veterinary applications. Senator Ron Johnson wrote to Woodcock, Fauci and other public health officials, detailing their concern that efficacious treatments were being withheld to push out dangerous vaccines, for which informed consent has not properly been applied. Dr. Malone did not speculate on Woodcock and Bright’s intentions, but said they were wrong in their assertions.
  7. Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are on the essential drugs list provided by the World Health Organization. Billions of doses have been safely administered. These drugs ease symptoms and shorten the duration of illness, preventing severe disease and death. Malone also said that Merck’s repeated attacks on both drugs is bizarre, to say the least – especially since high ivermectin use in Uttar Pradesh was associated with lower mortality rates.
  8. Joe Rogan asked Malone about the financial incentive to diagnose covid-19 in the hospital setting. Malone said hospitals are reimbursed around $3,000 for every covid-19 diagnosis. Treatment protocols are withheld because the hospitals are further incentivized to use remdesivir and ventilators, which are linked to renal failure, lung damage, and deadly nosocomial infection. It doesn’t matter why the individual was initially hospitalized, whether they were suffering from underlying conditions, mediation errors, delayed surgeries, etc. If the hospital “suspects” covid-19 or can get a positive reading on a high cycle threshold PCR test, the hospital can fraudulently declare a covid-19 diagnosis and be reimbursed for their medical fraud and malpractice.
  9. When questioned on the waning efficacy of the vaccines, Malone concurred that the vaccines are leading to negative efficacy, like in the Denmark studies. As doses are increased, individuals become more prone to infection. In Israel, the citizens are being coerced to take a fourth dose, and the data shows enhanced disease in the vaccinated. Their B and T memory cells are being trained to attack a spike protein that has long since mutated, setting the vaccinated up for antibody dependent enhancement, autoimmune issues and cancer.
  10. Rogan and Malone discussed natural immunity and the studies that prove the superiority of innate immunity over half-baked, vaccine-augmented immune responses.
  11. Malone points to disturbing trends in myocarditis in young boys, post vaccination. He spoke about the infertility risk due to the effect of lipid nano-particles on women’s ovaries. He warned about the spike protein and its propensity to cause blood clots. They discussed the censorship of Maddie de Garay, the young girl who was acutely injured in the Pfizer trial. Malone said that financial incentives and expected outcomes are used to hide data on vaccine injuries, while promoting contrived end points that make the vaccine look good.
  12. Malone warned: “Our government is out of control on this. They are lawless, they completely disregard bioethics” and “these mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal, they are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg Code.”
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