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Published: August 13, 2021

So what’s in the vaccines?

Graphene oxide ?

The average person living today knows little about how far the development of self-assembling nanotechnological bioschoim has come. The so-called “fact-checkers” (propagandists and liars) deliberately mislead people into thinking that there is no such thing as a self-compiling graphene-based bioscience system that could actually be used in humans and called a “vaccine,” but the extensive, well-documented body of research published in the scientific literature shows that this technology is very real… and has been tested in biological systems for at least two decades.

A “self-assembly” system means that a person is given instructions, a startup process by which the structure of the inner body is used using resources (such as iron and oxygen atoms). In fact, nanotechnology self-assembling means that the microchip does not need to be “injected” into anyone, as it can be assembled in vivo after injection.

A scientific paper documents “self-assembly magnetic nanosystems” for cybernetic bioschemotechnics:

Shocking news: Spanish researchers have found that 98-99% of the Pfizer vaccine vial consists of toxic/blood-clotting nano-graphene oxide, which is also found in flu vaccines and is now considered the true cause of COVID-19.

Spectroscopic analysis revealed 99.5% graphene oxide in a vial with moderna vaccine

July 22, 2021

It has been confirmed that the Moderna vaccine and the flu vaccine contain graphene oxide nanoparticles inside the vial. We have already had confirmation that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. Thus, four vaccines with graphene oxide nanoparticles are obtained. They do not have a small fraction of graphene oxide. They have 99.5%. That is, almost 100% of what is inside vaccines with graphene oxide nanoparticles.

What else is needed to understand that graphene is the biblical seal of the 666 Beast – count the number of the Beast. Graphene interacts with brain cells:


“The scientific community has witnessed exponential growth in the application of graphene and its-based materials in a wide range of fields, from engineering to electronics, biotechnology and biomedical applications. As for neuroscience, these materials are of dual interest. On the one hand, nanolists made of graphene or graphene derivatives (graphene oxide or its reduced form) can be used as carriers for drug delivery. An important aspect here is the assessment of their toxicity, which is highly dependent on the composition of the flakes, chemical functionalization and size. On the other hand, graphene can be used as a basis for tissue engineering. In this case, conductivity is probably the most important among the different properties of different graphene materials, as it can allow neural networks to be trained and polled, as well as stimulate the growth and differentiation of neurons, which has great potential in regenerative medicine.”

Articles titled “A Vision of Nanotechnology for Radio Communication in the Coming Years. A view from the Academy”.

The length of carbon nanotubes allows us to realistically consider antennas for wireless communication at GHz and THz frequencies, both in the “macrocosm”, on the one hand, and in “nanodevices” on the other.

These are antennas operating in this frequency range. One thing I know for sure. You’re not going to give someone arsenic to cause immediate death. Arsenic doesn’t care about the waves that come, but this material takes care of the waves. Just this one.

Today, among the most widely used nanostructures is the number of carbon nanotubes (they call them CNT) in radios, as well as synchronization with NNW (Nanonetworks) nanonetworks, in which basic procedures such as turning on an antenna, tuner, demodulator and radio amplifier are achieved using a single carbon nanotube.

Do you understand that we are talking about graphene, radio amplification, modulation, tuning and antennas?

This reflects the processes of receiving the same signal, tuning, amplification and electromechanical demodulation. Thus, the resonant frequency of carbon nanotubes (magnetic resonance) must correspond to the natural frequency of WC nanotubes (which is affected by their length).

This study showed that it exactly matches the third band of 5G frequencies at forty-something GHz and exactly matches the resonant frequency of these carbon nanotubes, which are graphene.

Clearly, it’s not an inert material that you just put into the body and it doesn’t do anything. No, it has the ability to be modulation from the outside. It is from the outside that you do with him what you want to do at the moment…

at the moment it is spreading everywhere in your body, including your head. And once that happens, it’s over. Once he gets some kind of signal, well, you know what he’s going to do. It will cause damage.

Graphene’s formula is three hexograms – the same 666 (the number of the beast)

Graphene from graph -te Inscribe (Print)

Poppy addresses (Pokémon) of an unknown vendor is assigned after the 5G network activates the self-collection of the graphene tag inside a person and contact with the smartphone via Bluetooth.

F is the 6th letter of the Latin alphabet.

I.e. FFF= 666.

and GRAFFF is in words, or 666.

It is not a fact that the owners of the office know about it, but SHIELD, i.e. a shield on a logo with three “F” is a label 666.

Ps. 88:19 From the Lord is our shield, and from the Holy One of Israel is our king.

IntraBioNets and NSF-led RINGS with Big Tech form a wireless network for connecting people

Systems engineers have formed the NextG Sustainable and Intelligent Systems (RINGS), which consist of a public-private partnership (PPP) led by the National Science Foundation (NSF), other federal agencies (including the Department of Defense), and numerous private sector entities including Apple, Ericsson, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies, and VMware. The RINGS program aims to “accelerate research in areas that will potentially have an impact on the development of next-generation wireless and mobile communications (NextG), networks, sensing and computing systems, as well as services on a global scale.”

NextG systems are “future versions of modern cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks that will connect billions of people to devices and cloud services.”

The RINGS program, combined with the IntraBioNets program, hints at a more sinister intent when hosting an app that can track and monitor the health of living organisms, including humans, and deliver drugs back into the body.

In 2018, NSF, the Computer and Network Systems Division (CNS), awarded a $300,000 taxpayer grant to the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to fund the IntraNetsBio (Internet of Bio-Nanotechnology (IoBNT) program.

The goal of the “Intrabionets” program was to solve the problems of creating a self-sustaining and biocompatible network infrastructure that exploits the natural mechanisms of biological communication at the cellular level in the human body. The program simulates biological embedded computing devices that have the ability to collect and transmit information within a biological domain through an interface with an Internet electrical domain.

The study, based on a grant titled “PANACEA: An Internet of Bio-Nanotubes for early detection and mitigation of infectious diseases,” hopes to “catalyze the revolution in biomedical technologies through advances in molecular communication, integrated systems, bio-nanosensors, and synthetic biology to improve human health and quality of life.”

IoBNT in the human body first consists of nanonodes, the smallest blocks that, acting as intra-organismal biological sensors, monitor health in the human body and can transmit short distances to nanorouters larger in size, having greater computing power and control, transmit simple directives such as on/off.

The interface must transmit information from the nanonodes to a user gateway, which can be an advanced mobile device. Once the network inside the body is established and the interface communicates with the mobile device, the mobile device can transmit the data it receives over the Internet to remote health care providers, who can then diagnose and treat infectious diseases by transmitting signals back to the body so that intra-corporate nanomachines can synthesize and release drugs into the body.

Vaccine manufacturers knew that the general public would never agree to such a monstrous atrocity, so they had to hide the true purpose of mRNA vaccines, and by the time the general public knew what was happening, most vaccines had already been distributed and government vaccination targets had been met.

Demons have recognized that graphene is included in all vaccines

patent published ⬆️ 

In the 5G network area, graphene begins to emit more energy than it receives from the magnetic field of the network.

When the THz radiation hits the outer layer of graphene, the particles trapped inside join the outgoing waves, giving them more power and energy than they arrived, amplifying them.

That is to say, José Luis, that graphene receives the signal from an electromagnetic field and multiplies it, let’s say with more power and more energy. It amplifies it. This is what we get from here in principle.

It says, “The THz photons —the THz microwave electromagnetic field— are transformed by the graphene into massless electrons, which, in turn, are transformed back into reflected and energized THz photons.”

If many people are vaccinated, impregnated with graphene and exposed to antennae, the brain 🧠 suffer in someone who does not die. A lot of people are going to die. Otherwise, such an expensive and risky criminal performance why. 

Yes, not everyone will die, and those who do not, if they start to lose their minds, then there is a great excuse to say that people need to be controlled and connected to AI. so they don’t go crazy. They declare a tsunami. This tsunami is alarming. Because it causes a lot of social anxiety when people lose their minds, whether young, old or children. Joe has already told us about Hurricane 🌪 The people behind it all are already telling us, “Relax, we have a solution. Here. There are Neuro-Human Rights. They have survived, but you must be associated with A.I. so that you do not harm yourself and harm others.

Another Purpose of The False Vaccine Is Sterilization

Graphene accumulates in the glands, a consequence of cancer and infertility. 

The term “graphene oxide” refers to graphene compounds with oxygen-containing functional groups and (or) molecules. Known graphene oxides containing in their structure one or more atoms of boron, nitrogen, aluminum, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur or a group based on them. For example, melamine, phosphine, silane, polysiloxane, sulfides, etc. A variety are graphene oxides modified with polymers such as polyethylene glycol, polyesters, polyvinyls, polyacryls, etc.

… The results of the studies suggest that graphene and its oxides are safe for humans and the environment. About the toxicity of graphene experts have not declared.

But current COVID-19 vaccines do not contain graphene oxide. This component is not on the ingredient lists.

Pfizer spokeswoman Jericka Pitts told POLITIFACT that graphene oxide was not used in the creation of the vaccine. (honestly?)

Thus, claims that vaccines contain graphene oxide are unfounded. This component is not in the compositions of drugs for immunization. Claims about the toxicity and lethal danger of vaccines are also fake.

From another revelation of the “fake about graphene oxide”:

A recent study published in the leading scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that graphene oxide nanoparticles may be effective in flu vaccines. Another study published in NanoMicroSmall in May 2021 shows that graphene oxide, through its interaction with the surface proteins SARS-CoV-2, may help in the fight against COVID-19, as a component in personal protective equipment.

However, graphene oxide is not a component of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19.

The vaccine includes:

– Active ingredient , mRNA;

lipids (4-hydroxybutyl) azandiyl) bis (hexane-6,1-diyl) bis (2-hexyldecanoate, 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N, N-ditetradececylacetamide, 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine and cholesterol;

– salts of potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dihydrate of dibasic sodium phosphate; 

– Sucrose (sugar);

– water for injection.

(What healthy ingredients! Already drool flowed! Especially N-ditetradetsylacetamide delivered)

The press service of Pfizer at the request of APNews and PolitiFact also confirmed that graphene oxide is not part of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Fall from your country tysyashchi…

Elpidius Vagianakis (Greece, Africa):

“Satan cannot produce anything alone, but what does he do? It changes, it changes. Now he uses the wisdom of God… to create your own man, mutated man. And it will be with the help of the highest technology that exists today in science: nanoparticles, they, as the wisdom of God, as good workers, will be used in the future for human therapy. This science, which already exists, is now trying to use for their own purposes all these scientists-doctors, who are satanically subordinated to the central elite of the “pentarchia of darkness”, that is, how they will be imposed on the world … vaccination, if you don’t see it, you won’t understand anything else. They want to use nanoparticles, not as good workers for treatment, but as bad workers… to reduce the population. 

Now there is a global genocide, or it will be human intervention in the divine wisdom of the genetic genome, as a result of which the natural reactions of our DNA will cause such a terrible evil that … scientists will wip their eyes when you see people walking, and suddenly, boom, they will fall down. They’re going to die. Therefore, I have said many times that priests will not be able to bury! Or because they are all created not to show their consequences now. And then they will understand what the Holy Scripture says in the book of Apocapsis, Christ Himself, about the abomination of desolation. “

Editors of the newspaper 📰 ” Think about Three and snack on the decanter ” Offers materials on the topic below ⬇️ 

A small part of our reasons for high-profile questions 👇–BIOCHIP-FROM-GRAPHENE-OXIDE-07-08

To the left of Bill Gates is former Soviet defense scientist Alexander Galitsky. 1997.–19-07-08—injection-07-07

PCR polymerase chain reaction

PCR is a polymerase chain reaction, the main functions of which are:

1. Increase the number of copies of DNA

2. Introduction of mutation

3. Splicing of DNA fragments

4. Diagnosis of hereditary diseases

5. Establishment of paternity

6. Cloning and isolation of new genes.

In a simplified form, the PCR procedure is as follows: nucleotides (building blocks) and polymerase (enzyme) are added to the sample containing DNA and heated (melted) so that hydrogen bonds are broken between the strands of the DNA molecule. Then lower the temperature (squeeze) so that the primers bind to the DNA strand. Repeat the cycle. The temperature and time of annealing greatly affect the result. Choosing these parameters incorrectly can lead to the wrong products. 

In the case of RNA, RT-PCR is used.

Since RNA is a single strand, in order to conduct PCR from it at the beginning, a reverse transcription is done, i.e. artificially create such DNA that can express this RNA sequence. 

To carry out this process, it is necessary to create primers – the minimum genetic sequences of 18 -24 nucleotides.

For comparison, the GENOME of SARS-CoV-2 is 30,000 nucleotides.

To create such primers, you need to know the exact sequence of RNA, copies of which you want to increase. Work with primers is based on the principle of complementarity, i.e. nitrogenous bases form hydrogen bonds among themselves only in the form of the following pairs: A-T and G-C for DNA or A-U and G-C for RNA (A – adenine, T-thymine, U-uracil, G-guanine, C-cytosine). Thus, by selecting a certain section of DNA or RNA, an exactly complementary chain is created to this site – a primer. Next comes the assumption that the researcher will be able to choose such experimental conditions under which this primer will form a supramolecular structure with a given site. In fact, this is not such an easy task.

In addition, PCR should have a standard. The copies received must necessarily be compared with the reference sample.

Everything described above is directly related to the main functions of PCR, among which there is no function of diagnosing infectious diseases!

Some test systems and their characteristics:

PCR Vector 2019-nCoV-RG


AmpliTest SARS-CoV-2

Detection threshold: from 5 – 10 copies

Execution speed: 18 – 20 min


1. Take a swab

2. Apply to cartridge

3. Insert into the analyzer

4. Run with the appropriate software

5. Get the result.

A fully automated procedure reduces the work of an expert to the performance of a trained monkey. The specialist conducting the research in this way, nothing in fact can say about this study, can not catch potential errors or malfunctions.

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


On page 39 of the diagnostic panel manual:

“Since quantitative isolates of the 2019-nCoV virus are not currently available, methods designed to detect 2019-nCoV RNA have been tested using characterized stocks of full-size RNA transcribed in vitro (gene N; GenBank access number: MN908947.2)”.

This is another 66 reasons for lady and gentlemen to doubt the existence of the COVID19 virus itself.

Dr. Tushan de Silva refutes these claims according to Reuters Fact Check of October 21, 2020.

De Silva said the document describes the identification of the threshold for determining the OT-PCR test.

“To calculate the detection limit of the RT-PCR assay, you need to have a known amount of virus extracted, or, alternatively, a known amount of RNA identical to that carried by the virus,” de Silva said.

He also said that hundreds of stocks of cultured SARS-CoV-2 are currently stored in laboratories around the world.

In January 2020, a Corman-Drosten article was published describing a method for diagnosing a new coronavirus infection based on an OT-PCR test.

The authors state, “We sought to develop and implement a robust diagnostic methodology for use in a public health laboratory environment without the presence of viral material.”

On November 27, an analysis of the test report described in the Corman-Drosten article was published.

In this review, Borger and colleagues listed the drawbacks of the Corman-Drosten method that lead to diagnostic errors:

1. Genetic successively of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is installed in silico, i.e. using simulation, computer modeling. This sequence was provided by a Chinese laboratory because no “live” or inactivated SARS-CoV-2 was isolated at the time. The model was based on the assumption that the new virus is very similar to the 2003 SARS-CoV, as both are beta coronaviruses. To date, the authors have not validated a method based on isolated SARS-CoV-2 viruses or their full-size RNA. 

2. Bimolecular design of primers and probes.

2.1 The optimal concentration range of primers and probes is 100-200 nM. Whereas Corman-Drosten used concentrations of 600 and 800 nM and did not describe the reasons why such high levels were required. An increase in the concentration of primers leads to an increase in non-specific binding.

2.2 Primers must be specific to the target gene to be amplified. To obtain reproducible and comparable results, it is important to clearly identify pairs of primers. In the Corman-Drosten paper, we observed six unspecified positions for three sequences. The WHO protocol, from a Corman-Drosten paper, concludes that two control genes (E- and RdRp genes) need to be identified to confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2. It should be noted that the RdPd gene has one indefinite (“shaky”) position in the direct primer (R = G / A), two uncertain positions in the reverse primer (R = G / A; S = G / C) and three in the RdRp probe (W = A / T; R = G / A; M = A / C). Thus, for the RdPd gene, two different direct primers, four reverse and eight probes can be synthesized. In total, there are 64 possible combinations of primers and probes!

2.3 Primers should have an optimal percentage of GC content relative to the total number of nitrogenous bases (minimum 40%, maximum 60%), since their complementarity includes three hydrogen bonds, i.e. with a low content, the primer will weakly bind to the target, and with a larger one, on the contrary, it forms supramolecular structures not with target oligonucleotides. The three primers described in the Corman-Drosten paper are not within the normal range for GC content. Two primers have 28%-31% and one 34.6% GC value. (Comment from myself: perhaps increased concentration was required due to the fact that the GC value was underestimated).

2.4 For viral diagnosis, it is necessary that at least 3 pairs of primers detect 3 viral genes, preferably as far apart from each other as possible in the viral genome. The work initially considered 3 genes, but one of them eventually decided to exclude due to lack of sensitivity.

3. Number of amplification cycles.

For virus detection, the preferred number of cycles is 25-30. In the event that the virus is detected in a field of 35 cycles or more, the patient cannot be considered infected. In this case, the probability that this person is actually infected is less than 3%, and the probability that this result is false positive is 97%.

4. Positive and negative control

The PCR test does not contain a unique positive control to assess its specificity for SARS-CoV-2 and negative control to exclude the presence of other coronaviruses, making the test unsuitable as a special diagnostic tool for detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

5. Incorrectly selected annealing temperature.

6. Not all the weaknesses of the Corman-Drosten method identified in Borger’s work are listed here, see ⬇️ 

Serological antibody tests

For those who think that the antibody test is more reliable, here is the following information.

There are millions of virus viruses in the world, while antibodies in the blood are 5 isotypes: IgA, IgG, IgD, IgE and IgM. Tested more often on IgG and IgM.

Testing procedure:

1. Blood serum

2. Add virus (!)

3. Check if the antibodies have been activated (recognized) virus or not.

We know a number of well-known characters who stand stubbornly on their unsupported statement for a year and a half and declare that the pandemic is not fake. 

Okay, we offer as in school, to solve the problem from the opposite (or from the opposite):

1) Let SARS-CoV-2 be a dangerous virus and there is a pandemic in the world, then you need to rewind a year ago and imagine what happened in China.

Wuhan, December 2019, wholesale seafood market.

Mass diseases begin with an increased lethal outcome, it must be. Ideally, you still need unprecedented symptoms, so that local doctors sound the alarm, and the WHO is interested in the problem. But no, the main characteristic symptoms: lack of smell, dry cough, fever…. 

And pneumonia as a complication.

Okay, let’s say it was really scary to give up good money 💵. Let’s say, indeed, this is a dangerous disease.

2) What should doctors and scientists do? Find the cause of this terrible disease.

Since the main complication of pneumonia, we remember what it can be caused by.


1. Bacterial (pneumococcal)

2. Fungal

3. Viral

4. Caused by atypical pathogens (clamydia, mycoplasmids)

Etc. [1]

Autoimmune pathologies and chemical poisoning are omitted.

3) In this case, there should be publications on the topic of identifying the etiology of the COVID-19 disease, some experiments proving that the problem is of viral origin, and not bacterial, for example. There are no such publications.

4) Okay. Let there be a virus. What? There are no publications on which family the virus belongs to (if it belongs).

5) Okay. Coronavirus. What? For animals, more than 40 serotypes are known, for humans – 6, not counting the fashionable new.

6) THE WHO announced a new one, and in March 2020 declared a pandemic.

Further, all publications about the “new” disease (in 2020, there was just verbal diarrhea and a brain explosion 🤯 on this topic) were based on a number of presented assumptions:

A mysterious SARS outbreak in late 2019 was discovered at a wholesale seafood market in Wuhan, China 🇨🇳 with the help of actors of the Chinese popular front and theater falling on the streets. Within weeks, the World Health Organization announced a novel coronavirus, tentatively named the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) [2].

Sequencing metageromic RNA of a bronchoalveolar lavage fluid sample from a patient revealed a new strain of RNA virus from the Coronavirus family, which is designated here WH-Human 1 (and also referred to as 2019-nCoV). Phylogenetic analysis of the total viral genome (29903 nucleotides) showed that the virus was most closely associated (89.1% of nucleotide similarity) with a group of SARS-like coronaviruses (genus Betacoronavirus, subgenus Sarbecovirus), which were previously found in bats in China [3].

US President Joe Biden and top Instagram blogger. We forgot the name of this cute curly gentleman. Not far from the White House building. Lawn 2021 . 


1. A. A. Bova. PNEUMONIA: ETIOLOGY, PATHOGENESIS, CLINIC, DIAGNOSTICS. Military Medical Faculty in EE “Belarusian State Medical University”.

2. Jasper Fuk-Woo Chan, Kin-Hang Kok, Zheng Zhu, Hin Chu, Kelvin Kai-Wang To, Shuofeng Yuan, Kwok-Yung Yuen. Genomic characterization of the 2019 novel human-pathogenic coronavirus isolated from a patient with atypical pneumonia after visiting Wuhan. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2020 Jan 28;9(1):221-236. doi: 10.1080/22221751.2020.1719902. eCollection 2020. [PMID: 31987001]

3. Fan Wu, Su Zhao, Bin Yu, Yan-Mei Chen, Wen Wang, Zhi-Gang Song, Yi Hu, Zhao-Wu Tao, Jun-Hua Tian, Yuan-Yuan Pei, Ming-Li Yuan, Yu-Ling Zhang, Fa-Hui Dai, Yi Liu, Qi-Min Wang, Jiao-Jiao Zheng, Lin Xu, Edward C Holmes, Yong-Zhen Zhang. Author Correction: A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China. Nature. 2020 Apr;580(7803):E7. doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2202-3. [PMID: 32296181]


5. 6. 7.…–unequivocal-arrest–or-liquidation-Its-a-matter-of-time-and-nothing-more-08-11

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir in Yossemit National Park, 1906.

Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer and spokesperson for the Corona Investigative Committee (Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss) in Germany. In 2020, Fuellmich and his colleagues started to document violations of law, medical malpractice and scientific fraud, as they relate to the Covid-19 epidemic. [1]

Fuellmich studied law at the Georg-August University of Göttingen and as an exchange student at the University of California in Los Angeles. He then worked as a research assistant to the chair of Erwin Deutsch at the Law Faculty of the Georg-August University of Göttingen, where he received his doctorate. This was followed by positions in corporate banking at Deutsche Bank in Germany and Japan. [2] In 1993, he founded his own law firm. Fuellmich has published various articles and books in the fields of banking law, medical law and international medical law, and has held other teaching positions as a lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia. He is also licensed to practice law in California and a member of the German-American, and the German-Japanese lawyers association. [3]

In 2009, Fuellmich’s law firm was ranked among the top 20 investor protection law firms in Germany,[4] especially since 1996 as a specialist for injured parties of so-called junk real estate. [5]

Where did the PCR test come from and how accurate is it? 

A very long time ago, about 9 months ago (the period of maturation of the fetus in the womb, the period from conception to birth to the New Man) Dr. Reiner Fuellmich , a member of the Bar association of Germany and California with 26 years of experience became with colleagues the initiator of the involvement of European courts in this struggle, since the evidence collected by them gives the right to assert that the coronavirus pandemic is actually a crime against humanity, and it has specific organizers who deserve criminal punishment under paragraph 7 of the International Criminal Code. That is, he confidently promised to arrange over the organizers of this scam the same trial as over the main war criminals of Nazi Germany.

Fulmich recorded a lengthy speech with a story about how to legally approach this case. We then shortened it to 20 minutes and put it in the archive, and today we decided to present a summary of that long-standing interview.

Quote from the text :

In early January 2020, based on the most general knowledge, Mr. Drosten developed his PCR test that presumably detects the presence of SARS-COV-2 infection. At the same time, Drosten never saw a real “Wuhan” virus from China, and relied only on messages from social networks that something was happening in Wuhan. However, he began manipulating something in his computer and subsequently called the result of these manipulations his PCR test for coronavirus. To do this, he used the old coronavirus hoping that it would be quite similar to the supposedly new strain of coronavirus found in Wuhan. He then sent the result of his computer manipulations to China to determine if the victims of the alleged novel coronavirus would test positive for him. And so it turned out!

But what is striking is that it was enough for the World Health Organization to declare a pandemic and recommend to the world the use of Drosten PCR tests to detect infection caused by a virus called SARS-COV-2. Drosten’s opinion, and this must be emphasized again, was the ONLY source for the German government, on the basis of which decisions were made on lockdown, social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks.

As a result, the PCR test is used on the basis of false statements, NOT based on scientific facts about infections. In the meantime, we learned that these PCR tests, contrary to the claims of Drosten, Wheeler and who, show no signs of infection caused by any virus at all, let alone an infection caused by SARS-COV-2. Not only is the PCR test not intended for diagnosis, as directly stated in the instructions for it, and as the inventor of this test, Curry Mulis, has always emphasized, but he is simply not able to diagnose any disease at all.

A positive PCR test does not mean that a person is infected with anything at all, let alone SARS-COV-2. Even the U.S. CDC (equivalent to the Ministry of Health) agrees with this statement. I’ll quote from page 38 of the CDC’s July 13, 2020 publication on coronavirus and PCR tests:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of an infectious virus or that COVID-19 is the causative agent of clinical symptoms.” “The effectiveness of this test has not been established to treat COVID-19 infection.”

“This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial and viral pathogens. It is still not clear whether this “Wuhan” virus was isolated, in accordance with the requirements of science, and therefore no one knows exactly what we are looking for with the help of tests, especially since this virus, as well as the influenza virus, mutates quickly. “

The test cannot determine whether the RNA particle is inactive or multiplying. This means that a positive result can be obtained if the test detects, for example, some remnants of fragments of the RNA molecule, which indicates only that in the past the immune system of the tested defeated the common cold.

Contrary to the claims of Drosten, Wheeler, and the WHO, a positive PCR test is irrelevant to the detection of infection and the CDC is well aware of this, as you can see, is evidenced by the quotes above. A number of highly respected scientists from around the world argue that there has never been a coronavirus pandemic, but there has been and is a pandemic of PCR testing. The same conclusion was reached by German scientists such as Professors Buckdy Rice, Moling Hawkard Svollack, and many others, including Professor John Ioanidis and Nobel laureate, Michael Levitt of Stanford University. 

More recently, Mike Edon, a former vice president and chief scientific adviser to pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, who worked there for 16 years, also expressed his opinion. Among other things, he also states, I quote: 

“Our state and economic policies and policies to restrict fundamental rights are based on supposedly completely incorrect data and speculation about the coronavirus. If it weren’t for the test results that the media constantly broadcasts about, the pandemic would have ended because there really was nothing. Of course, there are cases of serious illness, but they are always there during an influenza epidemic. “

Due to the complete unsuitability of the PCR test in detecting an infectious disease (positive results were obtained when testing sheep, papaya fruit, and even chicken wings), Oxford Professor Carl Henigan, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, writes the following:

“This virus will never go away because it will live until the tests stop. Because this test will always give a false positive result of everything they test.”

Mike Edon and his colleagues argue that lockdown is useless. “If the PCR test was not used to detect a viral infection, then there would be no pandemic and no lockdown, and everything would be perceived as a medium or mild wave of influenza,” these scientists say. 

Dr. Edon, in his article “Lies, Damn Lies, and Health Statistics – The Mortal Danger of False Positive Tests,” writes, “This test has fatal flaws, should be immediately withdrawn, and should never be used again with current parameters unless it is shown to be corrected.” And at the end of the article, he writes: “I explained how the faulty diagnostic test was used and continues to be used not to diagnose the disease, but, it seems, solely to create an atmosphere of fear.”

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