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Global cardiac pacemaker market experiencing MAJOR “uptick” due to deadly Covid vaccines clogging blood and straining hearts

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(Natural News) Cardiac pacemaker sales are exploding around the world as economists project more than half a billion dollars growth in the next three years, with North America capturing at least 30 percent of that market. Though mainstream media refuses to report on it, Covid-vaccinated people are experiencing myocarditis, irregular heart beats, rare blood clots and neurological impairments that are certainly feeding this pacemaker “installment” beast. One can be sure Pfizer, Moderna and J&J are keeping their finger on that pulse.

Due to the mass increase in the amount of treatments and surgeries over the past two years for abnormal heart rhythms, high healthcare expenditures have skyrocketed, mainly including cardiac pacemakers.

Elephant in the Room: Vaccine-induced blood clots and the booming market of pacemakers – there is a connection

How much more obvious can it be? One can follow the bouncing ball or the money and it leads straight to the pandemic clot shots, that cause the heart to beat too slow or irregular. Here comes the pharma solution that costs a fortune, but don’t worry, because typical insurance should “cover it.”

Exploding pacemaker sales are in the news, but not vaccine-induced injuries that are driving those sales. Only talk about the state of the art and advancements in technology for all the pharma investors to swarm like sharks smelling chum in the waters.

Pacemakers signal the heart to beat at a specific “paced” rhythm when it’s beating irregular or too slow, hence the name. A pulse generator contains electronic circuitry, a battery and a computer for regulating those impulses.

For the past twenty years, Microsoft and IBM created ventures with heart-device makers (Medtronic Inc. and International Business Machines Corp.) to enable pacemakers to be controlled over the internet by cardiologists, with up-to-the-minute cardiac data. That’s published in the Wall Street Journal for all those fact checkers out there.

Get your Covid clot shot, then get a pacemaker for your new irregular heart beat, and pad Bill Gates’ billion-dollar pockets and Pfizer’s trillion-dollar wallet

The technology “sector” seems to be having no problems whatsoever manufacturing pacemakers to keep up with the tsunami surge of myocarditis and the pandemic of erratic heartbeats around the globe. Just follow the bouncing heart meter.

Microsoft provides software to connect patient’s homes to heart doctor offices around the globe using only a “secure” connection. How convenient. And what happens if there’s an EMP attack and the internet goes down for a few months? Microsoft provides the software, and IBM (the Nazi supporters from WWII) provides the electrical circuitry and “other hardware.”

People are going straight from the Covid clot shots to needing a pacemaker, with no prior heart conditions at all. As stock prices go up for cardiac pacemaker manufacturers, heart beats slow down for the Covid clot shot receivers, as blood can’t seem to travel past all the thousands of micro-clots in their vessels throughout the vascular system.

What are signs of pacemaker malfunction or failure, by the way? Very similar to the side effects of the Fauci Flu jabs: Fainting and loss of consciousness, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, relentless muscle twitching in chest or abdomen, and, of course, slow or fast heart beat (or switching back and forth fast/slow/fast).

If the pacemaker gets thrown off time or fails, the risk of stroke increases greatly, especially for those with AFib (atrial fibrillation), up 500 percent. Meanwhile, the risk of cardiac-related DEATH jumps 200 percent. How convenient for the shot makers and the pacemaker stockholders.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on experimental scamdemic Covid “vaccines” and “boosters” that cause heartbeat irregularities and send millions of people to the doctor to get a pacemaker controlled by Microsoft, the company owned by the biggest promoter in the world of vaccines for population reduction.

Sources for this article include:

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