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Germany considers new Covid restrictions for 14million unvaccinated citizens after Vienna banned those without jabs from leaving their homes

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Germany is planning new Covid restrictions for 14 million unvaccinated citizens as it battles soaring coronavirus cases, mirroring a health apartheid imposed in Austria.

The incoming Social Democrat (SDP) government today warned that unvaccinated people will be barred from going to work and travelling on public transport

The new government will also recommend that everyone should work from home unless they have a ‘compelling business reason’.

‘This is actually a lockdown for the unvaccinated,’ said Dirk Wiese, the deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group. Around 14 million Germans eligible to be vaccinated have not taken up the offer. 

It comes a day after neighbouring Austria imposed a lockdown on some two million people unvaccinated against the new coronavirus on Monday.

Cops began carrying out routine checks to stop those who are not jabbed from leaving their homes in a move which has been slammed for ‘dividing the society in two’. 

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