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French Government Will Launch Digital Identity Application

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By (google translation)

From now on, it will be possible to store your digital identity in an application. A government project initially launched in 2019, then abandoned.

Alicem’s replacement SGIN

The Ministry of the Interior has just published a decree authorizing the creation of a means of electronic identification called “Digital Identity Guarantee Service” (SGIN). The project ? Create a mobile application to store your digital identity.

The decree, published this Wednesday, April 27, replaces the 2019 decree. Indeed, the former decree aimed to create Alicem, which was based on facial recognition. Highly controversial, the project was finally abandoned. From now on, exit facial recognition, the device will work thanks to the NFC chip present on smartphones. This is the chip that notably allows mobile payment, or access to public transport.

With this new decree, signed by Jean Castex and Gérald Darmanin, the government wishes to create an application. Described as the “creation of a processing of personal data allowing holders of a national identity card comprising an electronic component to use an electronic identification means to identify and authenticate themselves electronically with public and private bodies. »

To generate electronic certificates

In other words, the user who wishes, can scan his identity card in the application. However, it will be necessary to have one of the new biometric identity cards. Then, the information can be directly transmitted to other services, which usually ask for a copy of the identity card.

Indeed, according to the decree, the application in connection with the SGIN, will be able to store data , such as the name, the first name, the date of birth, the address, the photo, the email address or even the address. This “allows the user, in particular, to generate electronic certificates containing only the identity attributes which he considers necessary to transmit to third parties of his choice”.

For the moment, one can imagine that this application will be used in particular to prove its majority. An effective tool to combat the exposure of minors to inappropriate content. Many apps require a copy of an ID to work. For example the FDJ application to play online. Or Airbnb, the platform for renting accommodation between individuals.

For the moment, the Ministry of the Interior has not yet communicated about this project. But Gérald Darmanin should without delay provide further details on the features of this new application.

“…a new financial System which will give complete central digital control to the bankers..the result will be digital concentration camps.”
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