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Fraudulent Fauci Protected By His Wife! The Cesspool for Conflicts of Interest That Is the NIH – Dr. Harvey Risch [Epoch Times]

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Dr. Harvey Risch: “Dr. Fauci has put in the approval panels of these agencies β€” many people who have conflicts of interest with pharma. No university, no IRB would allow an advisory committee to make decisions with all that conflict of interest, but apparently, in NIH, there’s no pushback from that, because the ethics department is apparently run by Dr. Fauci’s wife.”

Read More on Substack ( Vigilant Fox)

Leave the Kids Alone: The Risk/Benefit Analysis Is Completely Upside Down

Dr. Harvey Risch: “Unvaccinated [children] have a one-in-a-million chance of dying from COVID … The question is, which of these rare events would you choose to have? A rare event from the vaccine [is] maybe 10 or 50 fold larger than a rare event from getting COVID. And so, even though both are uncommon, [the risk of] one is much larger than the other.”

Full Video:

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