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Facebook “Fact Checkers” Removed Contents & Suspended Users based on the Opinion according to Court Filling

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Facebook has admitted in a court of law that such fact-checks are not factual at all, but merely opinions.

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As we have previously reported, journalist John Stossel is suing Facebook after Facebook’s ‘fact-checkers’ labeled climate change information that Stossel posted as “false and misleading”. In the middle of all this is the nefarious website “Climate Feedback” which has a bunch of climate zealots that write up what they claim are “fact-checks” for articles, videos, and news stories they disagree with.

Facebook just blew the “fact-check” claim right out of the water in court.

So, in a court of law, in a legal filing, Facebook admits that its ‘fact-checks’ are not really ‘fact’ checks at all, but merely ‘opinion assertions.’

This strikes me as public relations disaster, and possibly a looming legal disaster for Facebook, PolitiFact, Climate Feedback, and other left-leaning entities that engage in biased “fact-checking.”

Such “fact-checks” are now shown to be simply an agenda to suppress free speech and the open discussion of science by disguising liberal media activism as something supposedly factual, noble, neutral, trustworthy, and based on science.

It is none of those.

You can find the court filing below.


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