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England to Ditch COVID-19 Health Passes by End of January

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COVID-19 health passes in England are set to be abandoned this month after health secretary Sajid Javid effectively killed off the policy.

Javid has concluded that COVID-19 certification is no longer needed as the Omicron wave recedes, telling MPs that he shared their “instinctive discomfort” at the policy, which 100 Tories voted against.

Currently, people in England need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative lateral flow test to enter large events and nightclubs.

With ministers keen to lift guidance on working from home when plan B measures are reviewed on January 26, it is increasingly likely that mandatory masks in enclosed spaces will be the only order remaining by February, if restrictions are not dropped entirely

Narrative is Crumbling: UK Cops Served Evidence & Given Ultimatum to Stop Jabbers or Be Arrested

There are very strong indications that the vax-pass and mandatory jabs will be ended in the UK within the next couple of weeks. The criminal investigation that has been opened and the overwhelming response where Patriots have been presenting their local officers with evidence is making a huge difference.

It appears that the cops are just now starting to clue in that they themselves will be on the hook for their actions during this Covid-Crime Against Humanity, and it appears that many of them want to get onto the right side of history.

Perhaps they’ve finally seen the light, or maybe they’re just trying to save their own bacon and avoid a date with the hangman. Either way, the tide has turned and WE ARE WINNING

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