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Ehden Biber: How to Thrive and Live Carefree, the Pfizer Edition

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Ehden Biber is a cybersecurity security expert turned investigative journalist due to an unexpected chain of events. His work includes the exposure of the Pfizer contracts, the Merck attempt to cover up the Molnupiravir lack of safety, and more. He joined the February 21 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Ehden’s presentation:

“Thank you so much, Ehden!” -Tess Lawrie

“Great work Ehden!!! Thank you so much.” -Christof Plothe

“Amazing Ehden! Thank you for this wonderful information!” -Interest Of Justice

“So much important information, summarized in such a clear way! Thank you so much Ehden!!!” -Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, AUT

“That we lost the basis of medical ethics and science is terrible but that we lost our legal systems is even harder to swallow…” -Christof Plothe

“Thank You Ehden!!” -Zoe Strickland

“Thank you, Ehden.” -Marek Skowroński

“Thank you Eden! Incredible. It also corresponds with this treaty more than the last Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights.” -Interest Of Justice

Ehden’s presentation is now available to watch and share:
➡️ Our website (
➡️ Rumble (
➡️ Odysee (

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