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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Deciphers the Transhumanist Goals of Schwab and Gates

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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: “They’ve Hacked the Human Genome Code… They’re Playing God.”

Dr. Zelenko Explains How China Uses Their Banking System to Quell Dissent

“If the Chinese government, who controls the central bank, doesn’t like what you say, they could restrict, limit or outright deny you the ability to transact. So now I don’t have to put a bullet in your head; I’ll just prevent you from buying bread.”

Dr. Zelenko Outlines the Effects from the Shots “AIDS”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko details how there was a concerted effort to vilify, discredit, and block access to hydroxychloroquine in order to shut down early treatment for COVID-19.

“That trick killed at least five million people worldwide.”

Dr. Zev Zelenko: “The Department of Homeland Security issued an edict [February 7] that speaking against the government narrative of the vaccines is now considered domestic terrorism… What we’re witnessing is the trampling of our constitutional rights [and freedom of speech].”

Full Video:

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