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Dr. Tom Cowan: The PCR Tests Are Being Replaced With Something Even Worse! (Video)

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In the FIRST 20 MINUTES of this video Tom Cowan explains why the PCR tests are total BS and the plan to replace them with something even WORSE! “There are no ‘False Positives’ and/or ‘False Negatives’ – the entire basis of the tests is false.” After 20 minutes, Cowan answers questions submitted to his weekly Q&A – topis include:
– Melatonin
– Delta Variant & increased cases
– Vaccines
– Neurotransmitters
– Vaccine shedding
– Appendix rupture
– Holistic diet & healing
– Being mindful of where your food comes from
– Cataracts
– NYC Vaccine Passports
– Education

China announces massive 5G expansion

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