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Dr Roger Hodkinson is one of the great heroes of the covid truth movement

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Dr Roger Hodkinson is consistently one of the great heroes of the covid truth movement in Canada and internationally. His medical knowledge is profound, his study of covid is diligent and accurate, and his speech is clear, concise, and honest. Here is his October 30th, 2021 speech at  the Alberta Unity Project Event in Olds Alberta.

Despite the dark subject matter, Dr Hodkinson triggers some good laughs, as he explains honest  science, gives proper health advise, and exposes the covid crimes and abuses we are enduring.

VACCINES could cause “massive male infertility”, Anthony Fauci is a “dead man walking” and the pandemic investigation will leave “blood in the gutter” with reputations shattered by their sheer “idiocy”.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson says there is “sufficient evidence in the literature” to show that spike protein is expressed in the placenta and testes, and could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently prevent men from having children .

He also said that no one should listen to people like Prince Harry defending the jab because he has “nothing between his ears.”

Dr Hodkinson is a pathologist by training, with extensive knowledge of infectious diseases, virology and evidence-based medicine, who trained at the University of Cambridge and University College Hospital School of Medicine in London, prior to moving to Canada in 1970 and study at the University. from British Columbia.

He became known for his speech to Edmonton City Hall on November 13 of last year regarding his vote on the extension of mandatory mask orders, saying that the response to Covid was “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against an unsuspecting public.” .

And now, despite describing vaccines as “incredibly clever theories,” Dr. Hodkinson has issued another passionate plea, calling for the launch to be halted for further research.

Biography: Dr. Roger Hodkinson - MedMalDoctors

By Stefan Schultz

He said, “I am a serious evidence-based professional pathologist who has done everything in pathology at the national and provincial level and I take evidence-based science very, very seriously. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am not an anti-vaccine, I am none of the above. But when I see certain things in the literature that could, underlined, have serious potential long-term sequelae, I think it’s my duty to get up and blow the whistle and say ‘hey, stop the train, have you seen this? It needs to be examined. Hope it’s wrong but show me the data. ‘

“The data I am talking about are well described in the literature, that of the significant expression of the ACE 2 receptor both in the placenta and in the testes. Most importantly, in the testes it is the cells that actually produce the sperm, the precursors, called spermatogonia. Clearly, there is an excess of spike protein circulating as a result of an unexpected spike in some people receiving the vaccine.

“And that circulation carries the spike protein everywhere, including the placenta of women who are pregnant at the time, which is a unique success for that particular pregnancy, probably not later ones. But there is also the possibility of a blow to the testicles, which of course is not a one-time blow, it could be a permanent blow.

“In a world where we know that sperm count has dropped 40 percent in the last 10 to 20 years, an inexplicable massive drop in sperm count, we don’t need some additional hits on male fertility.

“There have been disturbing reports, to be verified, of an increase in miscarriages after vaccination. I’m concerned about that for sure, but I’m more concerned about the potential for male infertility, which could be permanent. Much of this could, perhaps, etc., etc., is just an appropriate precaution given the scientific literature.

“You can’t do a fertility test in a trial that lasts six months. The last time I checked, the pregnancy lasts for nine months. And for sequential pregnancy testing and the need for longer-term fertility studies, it can’t be done outside of a two to four year window, which is the normal time frame for a new vaccine trial. “

In recent days, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has described as “great news” the fact that everyone over the age of 32 can now reserve their Covid vaccine, repeating the mantra that it is safe and effective. And the call to vaccinate children is getting louder, with Hancock saying last week: “I have been closely following the results of Pfizer’s clinical studies showing that the vaccine is safe and effective among children ages 12 and up. and 18 years. “

Dr. Hodkinson said: “It is absolutely outrageous. Look, children are not dying from this condition, at least in my own province, there have been no deaths of children under 19 years of age. It is the same internationally.

“Children are not dying from this condition in the first place, they are not even suffering from this condition. The vast majority just ignore it without even knowing they have it. So it is not a problem for children. And if, therefore, it is no more of a problem than a trivial cold for children, then why, in the name of God, do we subject them to an untested vaccine? It is not an emergency, it is not necessary, and it has potential fertility complications, so it is completely reckless.

“It could be described as the only medical malpractice event in the medical history, because there is no informed consent. For them, saying a single four-letter word without any qualification, saying this is safe is a massive distortion of not only the English language, but it makes you extremely guilty in court, if they weren’t protected by law from being sued as bureaucrats and politicians. Any particular doctor who did that would be brought before his university before he could spit for lack of informed consent.

“Vaccinating children is absolutely obscene, obscene. They are not threatened and you are putting them at risk. “

However, the level of coercion is also increasing. The NHS app has now been transformed into a Vaccine Passport and discussions are taking place this week, including with the football Premier League, to introduce them at the national level. Royal Ascot could be used as a pilot for the plan.

However, Prince Harry, who moved to America in search of more privacy but has been the center of attention ever since, appeared at a Vax Live event asking for people to receive the jab.

Dr. Hodkinson said: “If I had something between my ears, it would be worth listening to. Who cares what movie stars and royalty say about this? They are all congenital idiots in my opinion.

Let me paint the big picture here for the contrast between vaccines and other forms of therapies. If it is indeed an emergency, as they claim, which I contest, but let’s take their word for it, they are using it to vaccinate people without a properly proven vaccine. If you accept that it is a potentially dangerous vaccine, for which there is mounting evidence of danger, contrast that with the ban on doctors prescribing ivermectin, or vitamin D for that matter.

“Here we have individual physicians related to their individual patients who are traditionally expected to pass judgment for the patient to decide with full consent. But ivermectin has, on paper, enormous evidence of effectiveness, while at the same time, in contrast to the vaccine, it has been shown to be incredibly safe, billions of doses over many years of use.

“So here we have an agent that, okay, it may not be effective, we accept it, it is still an uncertainty to some extent, but it can work and it is safe. So you can’t have both. If you are saying that you are vaccinating people because it is an emergency, you should steer the dogs away from the doctors to allow them to individually decide if an agent is potentially effective and should be used because it is safe. You can’t have both. “

Dr. Hodkinson does not believe in many of the theories that exist and says that what is happening is nothing more than politicians who refuse to admit that they are wrong.

“They are constantly caught in a mistake that they made themselves where they cannot admit they were wrong and therefore redouble it,” he said. “It’s just that and they can’t confess. And that’s why they want to take this to the bottom: Covid zero and all that idiocy that from a scientific perspective is ridiculous. It is not conceivable that it will happen.

“This virus is everywhere. It’s in a spray in every aisle of every grocery store, whether you pass someone or not. It’s the roulette game of life, you might get it, you might not. And if you do get it and are under 65 and otherwise fine, it will be just the normal flu, except for a small number of people who are unfortunately going to get a serious infection and some of them will. To die. It’s really tragic and I’m not being insensitive in saying this, but it happens every year with the flu. In fact, children die from the flu every year.

There is a greater risk of a teacher driving to school and being killed in a head-on collision than there is of a teacher dying from Covid that she believes she may have trapped at school. So, do we get the cars off the road? No, we don’t. We live with the risk of a frontal collision every time we pass a car on the road. It is part of the risk of everyday life. These governments want to control each and every risk in life. And this is just one example.

“I don’t think this is a big conspiracy coordinated internationally by the big resettlers, not at all. Are they taking great advantage of it? Unquestionably. And despicably. But as to why it remains, I think there are several factors to take into account. The first way it stays is due to asymptomatic tests showing a lot of false positives, certainly when you start to hit cycle thresholds above 35, the vast majority, 90 percent, are false positives.

“That generates a graphic in the morning newspaper that supports the hysteria in the population because they do not have any information to counteract what is happening. And politicians use those charts to duplicate the idiocy that is already underway.

“Now it’s transformed from blockages to vaccines and then it will transform back to vaccine passports, all at the same time. But the second reason the hysteria continues is the ruthlessly efficient international censorship of the three usual sources of information for the general public outside of Government and is individual politicians, who have been expelled from their party, at least in Canada, for daring To speak up, journalists, the mainstream media are corrupt internationally, at least in Canada, they have been bribed into silence when money is thrown at them in large quantities: they do not bite the hand that feeds them . But, more importantly, the doctors, who are the most respected and best source for the general public of everything that is relevant to this topic.

“Listen, I’m in the game here and you can’t imagine how petrified – I’m using that word deliberately – how petrified the doctors in this country are from their regulatory bodies, the so-called colleges of physicians and surgeons. They have the ability to take your sustenance from you with a click of your finger.

“It’s like the star chamber of the Middle Ages, you are guilty until proven innocent, you have to fund your own defense and they have a track record of beating you or bankrupting you along the way. Then the typical doctor is silent.

“It is not only the universities that can censor you, it is the institutions in which you work that can deny you privileges. At least with the university there is a possibility to challenge the decision. With institutions that grant you privileges to operate, for example, they have a direct line to the ministries and it wouldn’t be recorded, it would just be a click of “get this guy.” And you are ready. You’re done. You no longer operate.

But this is the classic situation of politicians who honor the most important principle of politics: never apologize, you just transform it into something else and move on. They got into this hole immediately because of that idiot from Imperial College London Neil Ferguson, who is not a doctor or epidemiologist, he is a theoretical physicist, he was notoriously wrong by an order of magnitude in his predictions of previous epidemics and not one at the level. International did due diligence on its latest idiocy based in large part on the things that were happening with the elderly in Milan.

“Everyone assumed that Armageddon was coming. With the speed of modern communication, the media caught on, the media gorged on crises, and that basically landed on every prime minister and prime minister’s desk the next morning with their # 2’s demand that something should be done. visible what I’m doing. something because Armageddon is coming.

“So they did all these stupid things for which there is no evidence in the medical literature of any effectiveness, and when it was shown to not work, they just duplicated it, over and over again. It is the classic situation, as I said, of politics playing medicine, which is an extraordinarily dangerous game.

“But I don’t think [the virus] was an intentional leak from the laboratory in Wuhan, it is certainly a consequence of the gain-of-function research that Anthony Fauci funded directly. It is a virus made in the USA. So they got into this hole and instead of admitting it and apologizing and getting back to normal as they are in Florida quite effectively, most jurisdictions are just doubling down on the idiocy and hoping that go away because it always does in the summer when the sun comes out and we all start making vitamin D again.

“But they will say they shot him down because cases were dropping. The trap of the classic fallacy is, of course, that just because B follows A does not mean that A caused B and they will claim credit for the disappearance over the summer.

“That’s why we’re in this continuous mess is because they didn’t put on the big pants and say ‘I was wrong’ and they just doubled over.

“Look at Fauci, if one mask doesn’t work, well maybe two or three or maybe 10. If you wear 10 I guarantee you won’t get Covid because you will actually be dead from hypoxia. Let me tell you explicitly: skins don’t work. Period. Period. Nothing works. Nothing could work. Nothing worked. And nothing will work. It should be a normal life with personal responsibility used to control it in the usual way.

“When you’re standing behind someone lined up in a grocery store, don’t you tap them on the shoulder and say ‘hey, excuse me, can I get the snot out of your nose’? We don’t do that, do we? We behave in a responsible manner. We get it, we pass it on to our family, we get herd immunity naturally. There is no need for the government to get involved in this mess at all. Protecting people in nursing homes should be the only thing done. And there are ways to do it without vaccines even for older people.

“But that guy [Fauci] is corrupt. He is an idiot and corrupt. He has his fingers in the cake on various patents and so on. And he’s trying to dodge the bullet that is getting closer and closer to him. There was an interview he gave in which he looked directly into the camera and said in very precise lawyer words: “We did not pay for the gain-of-function investigation in the Wuhan lab.” He’s getting out of trouble on prime-time television.

“But they are going to catch him. He is the walking dead right now. He should be jailed. Head to the arena. These confinements are killing people. Aside from the lost quality-adjusted life years, with all the depression and near-suicides and bankruptcies and all the tragedies of people not attending funerals and canceled weddings and school closings, etc., this is the kind of thing to do. that one goes to incarcerate in civil society “.

He added: “It is not even a conspiracy theory about what vaccines contain. These are incredibly clever vaccine theories that are being used and may be incredibly successful in other future vaccination programs. Science is remarkable and my hat is off to them.

“But it is a new technology and these adverse events that are being registered, among them, deaths shortly after vaccination, that have taken off remarkably.” The reported deaths are an order of magnitude higher than previous vaccination programs and that should get people’s attention. We are trying to save people here. But it seems that we are actually killing people. “

Dr Hodkinson also ridiculed the fear of variants, as the Indian and Yorkshire versions rose seemingly ready to end any hope of a full opening here in the UK on June 21, saying: ‘Our immune systems is incredibly efficient and these variants, only the nucleic acid sequence varies only about three percent from the original version, so the reality is that the rest of the virus will be attacked by the immune system, whether it is a variant or not.

“But what is inconceivable here is that every time you turn around, they are using a statistic incorrectly. For example, imagine that I am a doctor visiting you and you are a grandmother in a nursing home and you have Covid, proven, let’s accept that it was accurate. You have accompanying symptoms.

“So I say ‘hey grandma, you know what, your risk of dying from this is three or four times higher than from the flu. And you would say ‘that sounds bad’.

“The next day I go in to see grandmother and I say ‘hey grandmother, it looks like you have Covid, but let me give you a little reassurance. If this were the flu, you would have a 99% chance of surviving and with Covid you have a 96% chance of surviving. Grandma would say ‘hey doctor, that doesn’t sound so bad, can you let me go now?’

“It is exactly the same statistics that are deformed to maintain the narrative. Your job should be to ease the worry, not to amplify it.

“It’s not just about lesser lights like me. You’ve heard Jay Bhattacharya say publicly, as one of the most esteemed epidemiologists in the world at Stanford, “Lockdowns have been the biggest mistake ever made in public health. It is that scale of stupidity that is happening.

“When the history of this madness is written, and there will be hundreds of books about it over the next few years, reputations will be slaughtered. There will be blood in the gutter due to the obvious insanity of what is happening on a scale that has never been seen before. “

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