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Dr. Flavio Cadegiani just published a paper showing how Pfizer corrupts clinical trials

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Dr. Cadegiani just published his research paper (moments after this interview) showing deliberate scientific sabotage by Pfizer. If there is another explanation, he’s all ears.

By Steve Kirsch

Dr. Cadegiani just published a new research paper (“Pfizergate 2.0 – Active actions against competitive anti- COVID drugs? The case of the anti-androgens.”) that shows that there is no rational explanation for the corruption of clinical trial results other than deliberate sabotage by Pfizer to ensure that there are no viable competitors to Pfizer’s products.

I interviewed him just minutes before he published the paper:

In the video, he talks about Proxalutimide, an anti-androgen drug he tested that is effective against variants prior to Omicron. But his main issue is in the trials of enzalutamide (another anti-androgen) and how it was conducted.

At the very end, Dr. Cadegiani reveals an astonishing statistic on the number of vaccine injured: 85%.

For best results, check out the paper briefly before you watch the video.

Figure 1 says it all:

Summary of the concerns and questions raised from the COVIDENZA trial.
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