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Doctor Domenico Biscardi, the researcher found dead at home soon after announcement of new findings

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Last minute news is the death of Domenico Biscardi, a doctor and researcher from Campania, who for 2 years has been involved in dismantling the official pandemic narrative.

There are many unknowns that have not yet been clarified. From what we know at the moment, death would have occurred this morning from a heart attack. In the days preceding Dr. Biscardi would have received checks from the NAS for some very important research he was conducting – as he himself announced in some audio circulating on the chats, and that we too have listened to – on the content of vaccines.

Although the cause of death cannot be ascertained at this time, if the heart attack were to be confirmed by a hypothetical autopsy, it is plausible to think that it was the stress of the research he was carrying out and the checks he had undergone to have brought it to him. Obviously we are in the field of hypotheses, everything remains to be confirmed. The hypothesis of an attack on his person for the truths that he was about to discover and divulge is also being examined.

The first rumors remember him as a civil hero, a person who had put his knowledge at the service of the fight against the authoritarian madness that we are undergoing, and who had been attentive for this.

In memory of Domenico Biscardi of De Donno and many more. All the knots come to the comb! The Nobel for Medicine and Research “Luc Montagner” in Milan Square tells us all the truth about “Magic Serum” together with #GianluigiParagone 😎

“Serious mourning in the world of medical and scientific research, Dr. Domenico Biscardi died, it seems that he was found dead at home”, wrote a user on Facebook, who then presses: “Only a few days ago he made a short video where he said he had definitive proof that nanodevices of unknown technology were contained in the dried vaccine of the anticovid and said he was ready to go to the European Commission to file a formal complaint to that effect “.

”Domenico Biscardi another victim, just like De Donno. Another martyr for the truth. But by now we are almost there… “, adds another. “They killed a real scientist who fought to the end against these criminals…. From today you are a martyr of the resistance… we will never forget you… good trip Domenico Biscardi. PS: you will pay dearly for it sooner or later…. Criminal government and all its collaborators… RESIST “, writes another user.

Domenico Biscardi dead, senator no vax Laura Granato: “Does anyone still believe in coincidences?”

Blitz – Senator no vax Laura Granato (former 5 Star Movement) feeds, via Facebook, the conspiracy theory on the death of Domenico Biscardi. We are talking about the researcher from Campania, very famous among the no vax, found dead in his home.

The words of Senator Laura Granato

“I am shocked – says the senator – to have learned of the death of Doctor Biscardi . So all those who oppose these drugs and who speak with a minimum of knowledge of the facts … That is, he had spoken publicly that he had found evidence and was ready to make a complaint to the European Court. Now, look at the combination – but he admits he doesn’t even know his age, ed – they find him dead in the house. Does anyone still believe these coincidences? Not me”. 

The death of Domenico Biscardi

The news of Domenico Biscardi ‘s death spread yesterday but no confirmation had arrived in the early hours. He confirms that instead it came from a post on Facebook by Domenico Biscardi’s daughter.

The sources, even if not the official ones, speak of a heart attack.“I already miss you pa ‘- writes the daughter – with that tenacity of yours to go against the whole world, to contradict and trample on it. Until the end you fought for what you believed in and nobody can take this away from you ”.

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[…] Doctor Domenico Biscardi, the researcher found dead at home soon after announcement of new findings … […]

Eddy Kuysters
Eddy Kuysters
1 year ago

There is absolutely no doubt of the capabilities and the extent these evil demons are prepared to go!
They will pay!!!

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