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Detox & Stop Depop Nanotechnology/Aerosols with Suzanne Maher and Tony Pantalleresco – (Feb 21st, 2018)

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Source: Ramola D Reports

Need to Know Report No. 8: Detox & Stop Depop Nanotechnology/Aerosols with Suzanne Maher and Tony Pantelleresco

Educative and enlightening conversation with researchers and activists Suzanne Maher of and Tony Pantelleresco of on the subject of what exactly is raining down on us via chem trails (an US Airforce term and a chilling reality still rejected by the unawake and ignorant as “conspiracy theory,” maligned as con-trails and jet exhaust), what it’s doing to our human and animal biology, and what we can do to stop this deadly onslaught on humanity.

And deadly it is; the fact is, the nanobiology, nanoparticulates, and nanotechnology entering our ground, water, skin, bodies and brains is working to break us down even as it self-assembles, replicates, and builds sensors and networks inside our bodies to facilitate AI interconnectivity; at a cellular level this transhumanizing invasion destroys tissue, colonizes hormonal receptors, creates biofilm, promotes cancer, weakens immune systems, and opens the door to autism and Alzheimer’s, among a slew of other diseases. Our DNA is being defaced, says Suzanne. Our fertility is being compromised.

Humanity is being transhumanized and exterminated. If this appears overly dramatic to you, please check out the research and documentation at Tony and Suzanne’s web sites (links below).

The good news is, Tony informs us, the nanotechnology can be deactivated and detoxed through simple natural means. If we care about our health today and our children’s health, we all need to detox, on a continuous basis.

We also need to wake up and recognize we are being exterminated, and start working to help educate and inform others. It is important to get informed and stay informed, it is also important to get beyond the very human fear of understanding what is happening (we are being genocided by a technocratoc minority with psychopathic notions of power and management (herding) of the “human resources” that humanity represents to them) and start taking action, if we want humanity to survive and persist.

Visit Tony Pantelleresco’s website:

Check out the informative healing videos at his Youtube channel:

Visit Suzanne Maher’s website:

Support Suzanne Maher’s creative activism and billboard campaigns;

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