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Denmark Halts COVID Vaccination, in Ominous Sign to the Boosted

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Denmark Realized the Danger of Vaccination

By Igor Chudov

Hat tip to Steve Kirsch, who wrote about Denmark stopping its COVID vaccination program.

The original article is here. And here. And here. Rejoice.

A formerly pro-vaccine country halting vaccination is a very ominous sign. It means that Denmark is scared of Covid vaccines. It does not want any more Danes to get “vaccinated”. It wants the remaining vaccine-free Danes to REMAIN UNVACCINATED.

How do I know?

You do not stop a program if it is “successful” and the threat is still there.

The reason they gave us — that the pandemic is under control — does not withstand scrutiny. It is anything but under control in Denmark: the deaths are beginning to rise again, the cases (grossly undercounted now) are close to the peak of Nov 2020-Jan 2021 when vaccination was seen as an answer to everything, and the ratio of deaths to official cases is about 1%, which suggests that Covid is still a dangerous illness, even for generally (formerly) healthy Danes. By all accounts, Covid is alive and well and is still killing people. Why halt vaccines?

They did not have to halt their vaccination program if they still thought highly about vaccines. After all, every day young Danes turn 12 and become eligible. Why deny those young kids vaccination, if in the opinion of the Danish government, Covid vaccines are “safe and effective”? It makes no sense.

Their statement that “they might resume vaccination in the fall” is the most hilarious distraction.

Even if Covid vaccine was generally seen as merely somewhat useless, Denmark did not have to halt vaccination. Denmark count simply downplay vaccination, just to save its government some embarrassment.

They halted it for a reason. The reason is that the Danish government realized the danger of vaccines, and wants to save the remaining unvaccinated Danes from getting the shot — even if the kids vaccine-crazed parents want them vaccinated.

Again, this is the only explanation that makes logical sense — no other stated reasons would logically lead to the outright halt of vaccination.

What did the Danish government realize? That Chronic Covid in the boosted is because of the vaccine? That even a booster dose is useless for the most vulnerable groups? That Moderna hid the fact that the vaccinated never get true immunity after inevitable “breakthroughs”? That Covid vaccine kills more than it saves, as Steve Kirsch keeps reminding us?

We do not know yet. Some day, we will know.

Even though the Danish government did have the conscience to halt vaccinations, Danes still need to investigate why they were poisoned by their government, which participated in a reckless, corrupt and unsuccessful experiment on two billion people, including young people who never faced danger from Covid. People need to ask why they were lied to, and who will pay their medical and funeral expenses.

You can halt the experiment. But you cannot halt the consequences.

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