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Covid-19 Vaccines reach full Poison Status: Double Vaccinated now have highest Case, Hospitalison and Death rates per 100k according to official data

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Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms that the Covid-19 vaccines are now showing a negative effectiveness against hospitalisation and death. A negative effectiveness that is declining by the week.

This does not just mean the vaccines are ineffective; it means they are damaging the immune systems of the recipients who are now many times more likely to be hospitalisaed with Covid-19 or die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

By a concerned reader

The UKHSA decided to stop showing case hospital and death rates for the double vaccinated from their Week 3 report onwards in order to hide this fact from the British taxpayer.

They are hiding the size of the double vaccinated population in Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5. 

So we used the most accurate mathematical extrapolation methods that it is realistically possible to use, to deduce the double vaccinated population from Week 3 to Week 10, in order to discover what they are trying to hide.

Here is the extrapolation…


f(x+h) = f(x) + f(x)-f(x-h) + (f(x)-2f(x-h)+f(x-2h))/2  1st order approximation
f(x-h) = f(x) + f(x)-f(x+h) + (f(x)-2f(x+h)+f(x+2h))/2  1st order approximation

So f(x+h) = 2.5f(x)-2f(x+h)+0.5f(x+2h)
And f(x-h) = 2.5f(x)-2f(x-h)+0.5f(x-2h) 

So Week2 = 2.5Week3-2Week4+0.5Week5 for the 3 Dose Population
And Week3 = 2.5Week2-2Week1+0.5Week52 for the 2+3 Dose Population

But an entire vaccine dose takes around 12 weeks for each age group these days. So we must taper off the increments to zero. We do that using the following formula from Week4 forward for the 2+3 Dose extrapolation.

Week4 = Week3 + 0.9x(1.5Week3-2Week2+0.5Week1)
Week5 = Week4 + 0.9x(1.5Week4-2Week3+0.5Week2)
Week6 = Week5 + 0.9x(1.5Week5-2Week4+0.5Week3)

We are just adding 90% of the normal extrapolation increment each week (rather than 100%) to take account of the ever decreasing number of people left to be vaccinated.

We take Week 52 figures (which the UKHSA did not produce) to be Week51 figures because not many people rushed to get vaccinated over Christmas and New year. So the 14 day period covered by Week51 and Week52 was equivalent to 7 days outside the festive period as regards the numbers of people vaccinated.

Here are the results of the extrapolation showing the size of the double vaccinated population for each age group –

Right. So now we have all the double vaccinated populations for each age group. That is what the UKHSA is trying to hide from us for Week 3 to Week 10. 

The UHKSA has now moved from greying out the unvaccinated case rates in Table 13 of their Vaccine Surveillance reports up to Week 4, to refusing to publish the basic double vaccinated population data from Week 3 onwards, from which double vaccinated case rates, hospitalisation rates and death rates can be produced.

They did this because those rates, which we now reveal, destroy the false narrative that vaccines although failing to protect against infection, do offer some protection against hospitalisation and death.

There is a whole other article to be written on how or why a UK Government Statistics Agency paid for by the British Taxpayer, could end up acting in the interests of two American drugs companies and against the interests, health and life of those who fund it.

As well as against the interests of the NHS, which will bare the brunt of its malfeasance and of its vaccine drug pushing.

Here then are the figures from the 3 UKHSA reports for Week 3/4/5 including the case, hospital and death rates for the 2 dose group that the UKHSA is trying to conceal.

Week 3 Vaccine Surveillance Report

Week 4 Vaccine Surveillance Report

Week 5 Vaccine Surveillance Report

The following chart shows the decline in immune system performance among the fully vaccinated against death due to Covid-19 from 20th Dec 21 to 30th Jan 22 based on the above figures extrapolated from the week 3 + week 4 + week 5 UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Reports –

The UKHSA went one stage further in their deception in Week 5 and failed to publish the 2 dose hospitalisation results as well as failing to publish the 2 dose populations. As the reader will no doubt be aware, it is far more time consuming to change a working system to omit data, than it is to permit it to churn out everything that it was written to churn out.

So the UKHSA is far more likely to have taken deliberate action to suppress the 2 dose hospitalisation rates than it is to have had a technical glitch that only applied to those rates and did not apply to any other data.

This is a multi layer deception and I fear we are not seeing all the layers. The UKHSA must be an incredibly conflicted outfit right now. But I have no sympathy for them.

All my sympathy is exhausted on my friends, relatives and fellow nationals who are being turned into GMO humans and having their entire genome compromised by modified RNA hidden from their immune system by N1 Methylpseudouridine, which replaces the normal Uracil in vaccine RNA. That is the key modification. And it is without a doubt the most reckless intervention in medical history.

Vaccines have become Antivaccine Poisons

In every single age category above 18, there are more infections per 100k of population in the double vaxxed than in the unvaxxed. And there were 4.3x as many in the 40-49 year olds in Week 3. That corresponded to Vaccine Efficiency of -76.6%, which is not really very good.

In week 4 the hospitalisation figures went negative in every category for the double vaxxed and in week 5 the death rate went negative for all age categories except 30-39 and 50-59.

So by every yardstick we have, the vaccines have now failed. But they have not merely failed passively and stopped working. No, they are actively destroying our immune systems to produce all these disastrously negative figures.

One striking thing about the figures is that 3 dose Vaccine efficiency against infection is getting worse each week but the 2 dose efficiency is getting better. Hospitalisations and deaths are getting worse each week in the double vaxxed, but not infections.

This I must say is the first sign I have seen that 2 dosed people under 70, might eventually defeat the vaccines and get their immune systems back. I sincerely hope that trend continues and is genuine.

My crude prediction from the data above, for what it is worth, is the following

  • Your immune system can defeat one Jab in around 12 months
  • Your immune system can just about defeat 2 Jabs in 18 months after the 2nd jab if you are under 70
  • Your immune system can just about defeat 3 jabs in 24 months after the 3rd jab if you are under 50
  • Your immune system cannot defeat 4 jabs.

The real test here lies in the life insurance stats for the vaccine side effects which are related to the football pitch heart attack death stats. They are not manipulated by governments and therefore give the most accurate picture of the damage being done by the vaccines.

The trouble with heart attack data is that heart muscle cells do not recover once they have gone. So this and other vaccine side effects will not disappear after 12/18/24 months. Your immune system may eventually win the battle, but your heart may not.

But as regards protecting you against anything at all. The vaccines are now completely useless. This is absolutely known. Therefore any doctor, nurse, chemist who continues to vaccinate and who does not call for an end to vaccination from this point forwards is a fraud

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Atlanta Bill
2 years ago

This looks like competent statistics to me, but it’s been decades since I had a statistics course and never had to use statistics in industry.

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