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COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Might Be the Most Useless Policy in World History

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vaccine passports are abhorrent

Any discussion of vaccine passports must start by acknowledging that even accepting the premise of vaccine passports is unacceptable. They’re a horrific, devastating infringement on human rights, liberty and freedom that is antithetical to life in a modern democracy.

There is no moral or ethical argument for vaccine passports that is remotely viable. They’re an utter disgrace, and if sanity ever returns to humanity, they will be looked on as an awe-inspiring stain on history—one of those moments that future generations look back on in wonder at how a supposedly intelligent species was capable of committing or accepting such oppressive government intrusion.

That said, if your political ideology requires you to support vaccine passports to prop up your unearned sense of superiority and maintain the pretense of caring about “science,” any degree of intellectual honesty at this point would demand that you abandon that support.

COVID-19 vaccine passports are failing.

And they aren’t just failing a little bit. They are catastrophically failing. Failure at a level unseen during previous COVID-19 surges. They are failing to control COVID-19, to keep people “safe,” to provide anything of remote value whatsoever other than increasing distrust in governments, public health officials and ultimately (and tragically), vaccines.

Covering the full scale of the collapse of the pretense of COVID-19 vaccine passports would require an entire book, or maybe several books, but it’s important to run through, in real time, a few of the best examples.

If any individual who claims to care about “science” or “believe that science is real” still supports vaccine passports, they have forfeited any and all rights to be taken seriously. Read More

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